View Full Version : Should Rondo be the first option for Boston?

06-23-2009, 06:22 AM
People always say the Beltics rely on the 'Big Three' but last postseason it was Rondo who was arguably their best player in that two round stretch. With the rest of the big three slowing down...do you believe Rondo should become Celtics main guy while the Big Three adjust more to his game?

Duncan = Donkey
06-23-2009, 06:26 AM
no, he will be exposed, he is not a 1st option or a 2nd option.

he's better off just being the 3rd/4th option.

06-23-2009, 07:15 AM
Peirce is the first option on that team till his play declines

Rondo is more suited to be the 3 in the Big 3

Peirce, Garnett, and Rondo

06-23-2009, 07:59 AM
No way. His midrange and 3 ball sucks

06-23-2009, 07:59 AM
U feed the post. get it to KG and he frees everyone up.

06-23-2009, 08:20 AM
only rondo's mother would vote for #2

06-23-2009, 08:37 AM
Part of what makes Rondo good is his ability to get players the ball in scoring position. While he can get buckets from time to time, he is not a #1 option. As a PG, he needs to be able to score outside of the paint to considered anything higher than a #2 or #3 option on ANY TEAM.

IMO, the offense runs the smoothest when it runs through Garnett. He shoots a high percentage and gets others guys good looks. Pierce forces a lot (although making a lot of tough shots) when he knows that he's the #1.

06-23-2009, 09:09 AM
When defense's key on Rondo his game will fold like a chair. Rondo did a wonderful job producing in the playoffs for sure.
As well as getting away with alot of dirty play.

Peirce and Allen being who they are were major contributors to Rondo's success.

06-23-2009, 09:16 AM
I for one think in the regular season the offense should focus on Rondo more...if the 'big three' play a little more into a designated role instead of trying to do many things at once, it'll help Boston in the long run. The big three will stay fresh if Rondo and the young guys get more burn and have a full Boston team come postseason which can legitimately beat the Lakers when healthy. Rondo is improving rapidly so I wouldn't say he will be exposed as the no. 1 option...especially with three Hall Of Famers to back him up.

Tony Parker also was a mere role player...a young talented guard like Rondo taken in the 2nd round, who eventually became an All-star because he was allowed to develope alongside Hall of Famers like Duncan helping him grow into his own much faster than he would in a rebuilding situation. I can see Rondo developing in similair fashion.

Brooklyn Mets
06-23-2009, 09:19 AM
Pierce and KG are on a level above Rondo and Allen

06-23-2009, 12:19 PM
i personally like to go to the big man throughout the game 1st. so i picked kg but depending on the game pierce may need to be the #1 at times. sometimes i think they shoot too many Js and dont get it into kg enough. pierce needs to use his strength to get to the basket more before the 4th.

06-23-2009, 12:26 PM
Yes because hes too poor off the ball to be of any use if hes not dictating who gets to shoot. The only member of the big3 whos game he really helps with his ballhoggery is KG, because all he does is wait for the outlet shot anyways. One of my biggest disappointments has been Doc opting not to use Pierce and Ray in the playmaking role. I really thought Ray would be a part time PG for them but either hes lost some of that ability or they are underutilizing it.

He was arguably the teams 2nd best player statistically this year, with KG down for the count he became their MVP. With Rondo as the centerpiece you lose abit of that defensive mindset, and you become more of an uptempo team. Rondo can thrive in a situation like that, but its largely because teams are still going to focus on Ray and Pierce first.

The C's style of play is fine, all of them get touches and all of them play their roles. If by becoming a first option your saying he should look to shoot more then no, hes not that good of a scorer IMO and he has better options around him. Pierce needs to step up his game though, this was a terrible year for him and if Rondo surpasses him as a scorer its pretty much over for the C's winning a chip.

I like the formula they use, Rondo handles most of the heavy lifting early but come late 3rd and 4th quarter time its all Big3.

06-23-2009, 12:28 PM
Either 2 or 3. Allen is the 4th option. I expect more points scored for Rondo next year, if the team stays in tact. But Pierce and KG are still the offensive go-to guys.

06-23-2009, 12:31 PM
Well, the Celtics obviously think he is expendable and the Pistons obviously don't want him. What does that tell you?

06-23-2009, 12:31 PM
Hell no, I can shoot better than Rondo can.

He has exceptional rebounding, passing, and teardropping skills I must say though.

Pierce should still be #1 option. He's clutch.

06-23-2009, 12:49 PM
Rondo's job isn't to finish plays. He is a provider.

His job is to adjust the tempo of the game that suits the team better.

06-23-2009, 12:51 PM
Definitely not. It goes:

1. Garnett
2. Pierce
3. Allen
4. Rondo

I love Rondo's game and think he is one of the best point guards in the league, but he should not be priority over any of the Big Three.

06-23-2009, 12:56 PM
oh god no. I am not even gonna bother reading through these posts. WITHOUT the big 3, he wouldnt have the freedom he is allowed to dribble all over the floor, and he is the worst shooter of all the so called elite pg's. Rondo could be an 18 ppg scorer possibly, but scoring is not his strength, at all

06-23-2009, 12:59 PM
This makes absolutely no sense, really.

Rondo is great at picking his spots of when to score and when to dish, but he is not a #1 option. Especially when you have Pierce,KG and Allen on your team.

Pierce is without a doubt the number 1 option, he is the best scorer on our team and clutch.

#2 option is KG on the block, he creates alot when he has the ball down there because he demands the double team most the time.