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Some interesting comments of the 2009 NBA Finals on Twitter

What The NBA Is Tweeting About

While the Lakers and Magic battle it out on the court, the rest of the NBA World has been buzzing about the Finals off it for the past week. Here are some of the best Finals comments from the Twitter pages of NBA players and ESPN personalities. (In 140 characters or fewer, of course.)

"Fisher just proved that old school is cool" -- Kareem Abdul Jabbar (June 11)

"In the words of dick vitale O my baby. Oooooo my hedo turkaglue is a p t p er, betta get a tee o baby Uh oooooh" -- Shaq (June 12)

"Amazing game!" -- Chris Bosh (June 12)

"The Magic dancers are wearing superman capes, as are the valets at my hotel. In this town, that signifies Dwight Howard." -- Henry Abbott, TrueHoop (June 11)

"WHEW!! Tonight was a tough one. One more. Just one more!" -- Lamar Odom (June 12)

"Ahah! Kobe on his way to Finals MVP??? I think so!" -- Thabo Sefolosha (June 5)

"Very impressed with the Magic's adjustments, Kareem I think Howard heard you cuz he stole your sky hook!" -- Chris Webber (June 11)

"what a game! hard to beat the lakers in OT...Thats why i shot that 3 even though we were down 2 back in march" -- Andre Iguodala (June 12)

"And in the 'who called you today?' category..Magic PR tells us Hedo Turkoglu got a good luck call from the Prime Minister of Turkey" -- Rachel Nichols (June 11)

"From ESPN Research: don't expect a long series. Of 29 teams to fall behind 3-1 in Finals, only 2 got to Game 7: '66 Lakers and '51 Knicks" -- ESPNDB (June 12)

"So focused" -- Trevor Ariza (June 4)

"My postgame question for Phil Jackson: 'Phil, that was the worst defensive performance in Finals history. I don't have a question'" -- Bill Simmons (June 9)

"Research: Howard has 20 double-doubles in the 09 playoffs. Only 4 others did that in a single postseason: Malone, Barkley, Shaq and Duncan" -- SportsCenter (June 12)

"did the magic make the right move bringing nelson back???" -- Troy Murphy (June 9)

"Cold-blooded Hedo: thick robe in lockerroom, H+A, on bench a towel hood, jacket and hotpacks on his thighs. Shard: 'We call it Turkoflu.'" -- Ric Bucher (June 11)

"STOP blaming NElSON! look at the last play again. When they doubled Kobe he ran to Ariza. Thats y he kicked it to Fisher, he was recoverin" -- Former NBA player Kenny Smith (June 11)

"This reminds me of last yr's Finals. Lakers need 2 remember we lost gm 4 didn't give up & won gm 5 to force gm 6. Magic will try to do same" -- Jeanie Buss, Lakers' vice president of business operations (June 12)

"This is a crazy game. Down to wire in OT at da finals. I can only imagine being a part of it. Hopefully I will soon. We'll see what happens" -- Kings forward Jason Thompson (June 12)

"uh oh!!! kobe looks great thus far. but honestly thats what you want if you are the magic. contested jump shots. you just hope he miss some" Former NBA player Eric Snow (June 9)

"Somewhere, Mike Bibby is nodding in agreement right now." -- John Hollinger (June 11, after Jameer Nelson caught an elbow to the face from Kobe)

"I'm living across the street from the Staples Center. Lakers fans are wild, in a good way, LOL. The series goes back east, any predictions?" -- Charlie Villanueva (June 9)

"Lakers take commanding 3-1 lead in NBA finals...as Orlando has 19 big turnovers and missed 15 huge free throws..is it over on sun?" -- Former NBA player and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose (June 11)

"Lakers: Really nice scene at halfcourt after the final buzzer, as Fisher's teammates individually hug him for extended seconds" -- Lakers (June 12)

"Dam this is a pretty good finals7, I gotta admit it" -- Shaq (June 12)

"Can't wait to watch game 5 tomorrow! The lakers have a good lead but in the post season, nothing is never over until u win the 4th game!" -- Kevin Durant (June 13)

"im excited for the finals game 5 tom! this has been a great series. a couple plays diff the series cld b 3-1 magic!" I do think game 5 is going to go to the magic. -- Candace Parker (June 13)

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Some interesting comments of the 2009 NBA Finals on Twitter

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