View Full Version : Lakers predestined to win championship

06-09-2009, 10:25 AM
Is it anything short of a miracle that the Lakers are 2 games away from winning a Chamionship while Jerry Buss hoist the trophy and announces "This ones for Kobe". Kobe has reformed his ways to being more mature and less arrogant and selfish while taking the team on his shoulders who can write a beter script fit for Hollywood.Kobe apparantly told Carmello that the Nuggets will make it to the Western Conference Finals is this another talent Kobe has predicting teams futures or is this another New England Patriot videogate or Lakergate insider information scandal ?If Kobe knew the Nuggets were going to be in the WCF how did Kobe know they were going to be there?Is it ironic that the Nuggets completely self-destructed when they were playing so tough and The Magic are becoming victims of the Lakers mystique and controversial calls are really special effects making us think we saw something that wasn't.Too often sports become tainted with the lure of money and commercialization that the perfect scenario needs to be created so that big market teams and cities come out on top.Kobe doesn't know right now how to react when asked about his confidence winning this series maybe they should ask his alter ego "The Puppet "which is what he's become.

06-09-2009, 10:36 AM
No it's not a miracle? Are you serious? They have a great team plain and simple.

Why do people create threads like these? How many times does "Lakers winning a championship" need to be talked about? Wow.