View Full Version : Anyone ready to watch a rigged GAME 5???

05-27-2009, 12:18 PM
If the NBA and stern are true to their form, Game 5 will almost certainly be a blowout where howard picks up his 7th tech, gets suspended for game 6, so that he's outta lebrons way for poster dunks, and then lebron prevails in game 7(this way the nba gets what it wants, lebron in the finals, a game 7, ratings, and frustration for the fans)...i dont see the worry or panic on lebrons face for some reason..is he not frustrated at all?? or is he assured of how the rest of the series will happen in his favor...

ALSO, since when in the NBA are two teams that are physical with eachother in a grueling and fierce series, all joking around in the closing seconds...lebron turkoglu howard were all smiling by the scores table with like 5 secs to go...and then before overtime, they were all smiling again at the scores table...ive never seen the nba make it so obvious of whats gonna happen...im sure lewis' 3 when they were down one wasnt supposed to go in, but bc it did, they made sure lebron would get his way on the other side....

I know everyone out there is talkin about how the nba is becoming insanely predictable, but cmon...who's with me?

Lastly, if they change the traveling rule bc of lebron, i will put my flatscreen tv outside my house for free cuz im not watching anymore