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05-09-2009, 08:55 AM
How do you think he will fare today against the Mets? I have him in fantasy and I'm debating whether to start him or Lohse against the Reds today?

05-09-2009, 12:21 PM
I'm a mets fan and if he is a LHP I'm not sure I'm on my phone can't check, but anytime Beltran bats from the right side its a double or a homerun

long ball
05-09-2009, 12:45 PM
Malholm is a lefty.

Without looking at stats against the Mets or Lohse's stats against the Reds I would probably say if you can only choose one pick Lohse. The Reds' offense has been lousy (I think the mets has too though).

05-09-2009, 01:24 PM
Yeah I hope you picked Lohse Mets kill LHP

05-09-2009, 03:29 PM
You called the Beltran home run. Maholm was NOT locating well today, but give the Mets' bats credit for making him pay.

05-09-2009, 04:06 PM
^ yeah Mets always kill LHP every1 that started had 2 hits each

05-09-2009, 04:09 PM
he just got a little roughed up, not so bad.... At least he hit a homer too.

06-03-2009, 02:59 PM
Its a shame we will miss him before the end of this series.Maholm needed to reddem himself