View Full Version : Injured Minor Leaguer's Turning it Around

04-20-2009, 07:58 AM
Two years ago I posted a minor league report which included the names or Charles Furbush, Casey Crosby, and Brett Jensen. Well, I must have jinxed them because all of them were lost for last year due to injury. I'm happy to report that all are back and playing very well. Furbush and Crosby are lefties that join Duane Below, another guy that had a down year and is doing well now, as the best lefty starters in the minors. Jensen seems to have picked up where he left off also. The tall and slender reliever has'nt pitch much so far for Erie but when he has he has done well. Look for all these guys to do well and move on up this year. I expect Below to be at AA before too long. He seems to have cut his walks way down, which killed him last year, and his strike outs are still up.

04-21-2009, 10:40 AM
but too bad ive never heard of them but i guess if they keep it up temas will try to pick them up in trades

04-21-2009, 04:42 PM
Casey Crosby is our best pitching prospect after the promotion of Porcello.. Lefty with major heat.. 94-97, and a nasty curve.. just needs to refine his command.. he will really fly through the system.. picture Clayton Kershaw (21 year old starter for the dodgers that is a lefty with filthy pitches and throws at about the same velocity)

Furbush was a top ten prospect prior to TJ surgery last year.. another lefty with some good stuff.. 92-94 with his fastball and solid offspeed pitches.

A couple other prospects to keep your eyes out for.. Mauricio Robles 18 k's in 10 IP.. Luke Putkonen (3rd round pick a few years ago) was injured for most of last year.. but so far he is off to an outstanding start.. and Brandon Hamilton.. another power arm, 94-96 with the fastball with room to grow.. one years ago was selected as having the best curveball out of all the organizations prospects.. he just needs to gain more command of all of his pitches.. actually just look at the West Michigan pitching staff.. that rotation is literally stacked with immense amounts of talent that will all probably be at the majors at some point or another.. all really young power arms that all K the crap out of people..