View Full Version : The future of the league

04-18-2009, 07:51 PM
After watching today's Bulls-Celtics series, I realized how excited I am for the future of the league. Seriously, in the East we can look forward to a decade of Lebron's Cavs (hopefully), Rose's Bulls, Wade's Heat (hopefully), and the 2010 FA led Knicks battling it out for the conference title, and in the West we have the Roy's Blazers, Durant's Thunder, Paul's Hornets, and even the twin towers of Gasol and Bynum in LA (assuming Kobe declines at the rate of a normal player). It's nice to see that this generation of stars isn't gonna be ruined by bad management like the last generation was (AI's, KG's, and Jkidd's primes were all wasted by bad teammates, VC had bad teams in Toronto so he stopped caring, JO and Grant Hill were ruined by injuries, I feel like we only got the most out of Duncan, Kobe and Shaq).