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03-15-2009, 12:19 AM
This is the last position for the series. I am also going to ask for help with this one because I really dont know the pitching prospects. There are five I am going to do a short write up on but add anyone else you feel deserves mentioning. There is nor particular order to these prospects by the way.

Daniel McCutchen (RH): McCutchen has already been mentioned in the right handed starters thread because he has an outside chance of earning a rotation spot. McCutchen was acquired in the Xavier Nady trade and is believed to have the most upside of the 3 pitchers acquired. His pitches include a four seam fastball (low 90's), a two seam fastball (high 80's), a change and his best pitch a curve. He has excellent control and issues very few walks, although this tendency to be around the plate causes him to leave up his share of home runs. McCutchen also has had a very good k rate throughout his career. He is not seen as an ace pitcher but as potentilly a very solid #3 man (although if he is able to maintain his walk and strikeout numbers in the majors that will change). He will probably start the year in AAA and if he fares well there recieve a call up mid-season. His combine stat line last year was: ERA-3.57, WHIP-1.17, K/9-7.93, BB/9-1.89, OAVG-.250. Also of note McCutchen had to serve a 50 game suspension for using an illegal substance (he claims it was medication for his ADD)

Brad Lincoln (RH): Lincoln is the latest in a long line of first round Pirate pitchers to suffer an injury and to need Tommy John surgery. He returned last year and fared decently in A and high A ball. His pitches include a low to mid 90s fastball (normally about 93), a good curve and he is working on a change. Last year the speed on his fastball remained where it had been before Tommy John surgery and he showed good control meaning he had a successful return despite his high ERA. Aside from Bryan Morris (who we will get to later) Lincoln has the highest ceiling of any pitching prospect in the Pirate's organization. Some believe he could one day develop into an ace but for now it appears he will begin the year with his first shot in AA. His combine numbers last year (A and high A): ERA-4.69, WHIP-1.26, K/9-6.51, BB/9-1.48, OAVG-.277.

Daniel Moskos (LH): The infamous Moskos. He doesnt deserve all the bad publicity he gets but alas he receives it anyway. As I am sure you are all aware Moskos was the player the Pirates seleceted instead of Matt Wieters. First lets set one record straight I have heard people say that he wouldnt of went for many picks if the Pirates hadnt taken him at #4 overall, that is probably not true (he was rated the 8th best player by Baseball America). His selection nonetheless was puzzling and deservingly so brought criticism to the Pirates front office. Now on to the player himself. Moskos profiles as a closer in the majors and up until last year was playing that role in the minors (he was switched to a starter last year). Before being converted to a closer Moskos was throwing in the mid 90s but after being converted hsi velocity fell into the high 80s. His pitches include the previously mentioned fastball and a good slider, he also has a curve and a change but they remain a work in progress. Baseball America describes his conrtol as average. If he remains as a starter scouts project him as a middle of the rotation starter at best. His performance thus far has not exactly stopped complaints about his selection. But now time for the few positive signs he showed last year: after being moved back to the bullpen in August he pitched well (2.61 ERA), he did well against lefties, and he had a good goundball to flyball ratio. He will likely be tried as a starter again this year and start in AA. His line last year at high A was: ERA-5.95, WHIP-1.51. K/9-6.36, BB/9-3.51, OAVG-.284.

Bryan Morris (RH): Morris was acquired by the Pirates last year in the Jason Bay trade and is seen as the top prospect recieved in the trade. Along with Lincoln, Morris has the highest upside of all Pirate pitching prospects. Baseball America projects him as a #2 or 3 starter. His pitches include a mid 90's fastball, a good curve and a developing changeup. Also of note this is yet another Pirate pitching prospect who had to undergo Tommy John surgery (in 2007). Last year was his first year back and he fared fairly well. The Pirates shut him down last year because of pain in his right shoulder and he will also miss the beginning of 2009 because of an injury to his big toe. Once he does return Morris will probably begin his season at high A. Morris pitched sparingly for the Pirates organization last year (and was injured), so I will only put up his numbers for LA's A team. ERA - 3.20, WHIP - 1.27, K/9 - 8.18, BB/9 - 3.16, OAVG - .247.

Justin Wilson (LH): Not really a top prospect but he was the 5th round draft pick of the Pirates last year and was a very noteable selection. The reason he was noteworthy was because of his terrific performance in the College World Series for Fresno State. This rise in poularity made Wilson a tough player to sign and the Pirates didnt sign him until two days before the deadline albiet for slot money. His pitches include about a 90 mph fatsball with a little movement on it, a slider and a curve. Wilson had good K numbers in college but also had control issues which led to high walk rates. Baseball America did not rate him as a top 200 player in last years draft mainly because of his control issues. Wilso's ceiling remains relatively high because if he is able to get his command down it is possible he may wind uo being a good major league pitcher. His sophomore numbers were actually better than his numbers as a junior last year. sophomore: ERA-3.19, WHIP-1.58, K/9-9.30, BB/9-5.13, OAVG-.265. junior: ERA - 4.17, WHIP - 1.60, K/9 - 7.68, BB/9 - 5.04, OAVG - .260. Wilson will likely start the year in A ball and get his first tasts of proffesional baseball.

The Pirates have a few other decent pitching prospects such as Duke Welker and Anthony Watson but I do not believe they deserve much mention. I am sure there are more and hopefully some of these marginal prospects are able to have a breakout year this year but that is yet to be seen. By the way as you can see I have left off two of the most notable Pirate pitching prospects that is because the acquisition of them was really blown out of proportion and thier respective abilities do not warrant much of a mention in this thread. The two players I am speaking of are Dinesh Patel and Rinku Singh. They are the Indian pitchers and will likely play in the rookie league this year.

Well thats all feel free to add whatever you would like. Once again I will give credit to my two main sources outside of myself.


This has been fun I hope everyone has enjoyed these. Lets Go Bucs!!!!