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03-02-2009, 11:21 AM
Okay, so there was a thread on grading the coach. How about the roster?

True, the season isn't officially over but for us Rap fans it may as well be.

Jose: Injuries have been a huge factor and it really has had a big impact on our record. His defensive is terrible. The worst defensive starting PG in the league. If he isn't making teams pay on the offensive end he is a liability. Needs to get healthy and back to the Jose of last year and earn that fat contract. Grade: C

AP: Typcial AP. Great 3rd guard on most teams. Decent D and a great team guy. Comes and goes on offense but filled in nicely at the point. We got from him from we would expect. Grade B-.

Marion: Way to early to tell but he has made an impact. Rebounds and second chances are up and he likes to run. Very good and versitile defender. On his limited work I'd give him a B+.

Bosh: Started fantastic but has faded. Looks of questions need to be answered this offseason. Very good offensively but his leadership and defense are lacking if he truly wants to be a franchise guy. Grade: B-.

Bargs: Bright spot especially after a shacky start. His defense has been solid all year while he seems to have finally "gotten it" on offense showing he is finally worthy of his #1 selection. If he can finish better at the basket he'll be an All Star next year. Grade A-.

Joey: Wow! Don't know if his recent resurgance is due to a contract year or not but you have to love his play. Playing like he should, he is taking decent shots and goes hard to the hoop. Good defender who can guard multiple positions. Never thought I'd ever say his but we need Joey back. Grade: B+

Ukic: has shown signs of genius. Needs to improve his shot but this guy has a big upside. Grade: B+

Kapone: Garbage. Expectations were a continuation of what he did against the Magic in the playoffs. You can blame it in part on the style of play if you want but I don't care. Grade: F-

Hump: got hurt but Hump was Hump. Banger that has the worst shot selection on the team. Grade: C

Don't really care about the rest of the roster. Just did the main guys.

03-02-2009, 01:41 PM
Calderon - Hasn't gotten into stride with the nagging injuries. Solid shooting and ballhandling. - B

Parker - Shots off this year. Very streaky. Hugely overrated defender. - C-

Marion - Points are way up since his arrival. Just the player we need for this system - A-

Bosh - Great rebounder and gets to the line. Top 10 player in the league, will never be top 3 - get over it... - A-

Bargnani - Making nice progress. Need to get his FG% up if we want to win - B-

Ukic - Huge learning curve, but coming along. - B-

Kapono - Would have more impact if we were a better team. Will never create his own shot, was never expected to. C

Graham - Hot lately, but still inconsistent. Low Basketball IQ. - C+

Humphires - Good rebounder, defender. Thinking he's Jordan hurts him. - D+

Voshkul - Doing what he's been asked to. - C-

Banks, Jawai, O'Bryant, all get incomplete grades. We haven't seen enough of them...

Overall, our talent level is quite high, and since the O'Neal trade, we finally have a group of complementary players. Still, it takes time to gel, and there may not be enough time in the season to salvage any success.

Coaching is a huge factor for this team's failures. Triano, has tried, and I won't criticize his performance in a tough situation. But, he also hasn't done anything to show he can be an NBA head coach...

Honestly, I believe that re-signing Marion, adding a better starting SG with our MLE, getting the right coach, and putting this system together in training camp, would get this team into the top 5 in the east next year.

03-02-2009, 05:01 PM
i think the first guy has got it right on...kapono, calderon and bosh have been huge disapointments (bosh not so much)...this offseason, we really need to re-sign marion, ap and graham and draft a two gaurd (Harden, Henderson, Holliday, Evans)...kapono if possible needs to be traded for anyone...and a backup big or two needs to be signed needs to be signed (Bass, Rasho, Varajeo)

The only way we compete next year is if we are healthy and we upgrade our roster:

03-02-2009, 05:44 PM
Players who should not be starting: Parker
Players who should not anything more beyond 8th man: Graham, Kapono
Guys on the team who shouldn't be anything more than 11 or 12th men or not on the roster at all: Ukik, Banks, Voskul, O'Bryant

D- for the roster. Outside of Calderon, Bosh, Marion, Bargs - everyone else is a bench player on a good team.

03-02-2009, 05:46 PM
I think this roster can really live up to its potential if we had an experienced coach like Flip Saunders or Jeff Van Grundy. Hopefully BC will look into a really good experienced coach this summer.

certain fool
03-02-2009, 06:24 PM
Calderon - Injuries have dampened his effectiveness and his defensive liabilities are known throughout the league. Good ball handle and play making abilities. Needs to overcome his conservative nature. C

Parker - "Shots off this year. Very streaky. Hugely overrated defender." Exactly, he's not a good starter and is asked to do too much. Think he'd be great off the bench though. C

Marion - Does everything the rest of the team can't. Rebounding, defense, post play, effort. Has the potential to hold this team together. But, isn't going to throw us over the top either A-

Bosh - Has regressed in the leadership and mental aspects of his game. Disrupts ball movement. Injury problems continue to plague him. Needs to toughen up and be a little nasty. He's an Allstar talent. C

Bargnani - Has more then exceeded preseason expectations. Defense has improved dramatically. Still plenty of room for improvement in all aspects of his game. B+

Ukic - Surprised me with his ability to get to the hole. Raw and doesn't understand the game at this level. C+

Kapono - One dimensional and his shots been streaky this year. Can't be blamed for not playing well in a system that can't take advantage of his talents. D

Graham - Provides energy and has shown much improvement recently. B-

Humphries - He's been in the league too long to still be taking the shots he takes. Loves to play and his energy is infectious. Injured. D-

Voshkul - Does not have an impact on the game. Do not want to see him back next year. D

Team lacks direction and effort. It can't all be blamed on the players. But where's the pride? Too many hung heads in that room. Roster needs to be broken up and replaced with some heart and enthusiasm. I'm a Raps fan but find it hard to cheer for this group.

Might seem like I'm being harsh on a few guys. The rating is in relation to my expectations coming into the season. They weren't that high. But I did expect one good playoff series out of them.

03-02-2009, 08:04 PM
All of them f-
Joey graham a+


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everyone is a D in my opinion other than Graham and Bargs getting As.

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I saw this thread and thought it was worth a look, I was wrong. I want those 2 minutes back, great insight guys.:rolleyes: