View Full Version : Comparing NBA players to other athletes?

02-28-2009, 11:22 AM
This is just a fun thread. Something I decided to do after seeing Kevin Garnett play some soccer with Beckham.

A lot of players around the league tend to be compare to other nba players (ie Chris Paul- Isaiah Thomas, Bargnani- Nowitzki.

I realize that a lot of people on PSD are multi-sports fan, so lets see your best comparison of some of the NBA elite to other sport athletes. (ex: Michael Jordan is the Wayne Gretzky of Basketball or Lebron James is the Sidney Crosby of Basketball)

Try to pick Superstars/Allstars and compare them to athletes that play in team sports.

Vince Carter = David Beckham; reason Vince Carter was an up incoming player in the league even drawing comparison to the best during his days in Toronto, his talents created international recognition around the world which led to top all-star vote getter for 3 straight seasons. But since his departure from Toronto (ManU), his numbers have been good but not great.