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02-23-2009, 03:58 PM
ESPN Power Rankings Week 17 (http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/powerranking?season=2009&week=17)

1 (1) Lakers 46-10 How deep is the league's deepest team? The Lakers dumped Radmanovic and Mihm to save a little money and are still 9-1 in February ... all without the injured Bynum. A four-point stumble at Utah is the lone blemish.
2 (3) Cavaliers 43-11 KG's injury could be the opening that enables the Cavs -- now that Delonte is back -- to move past the Celts in the race for the East's best record. One disclaimer, though: Eight of Cleveland's next 11 games are roadies.
3 (2) Celtics 45-12 The Celtics are worried about KG's knee troubles lingering, not the next two or three weeks. They've actually been fine without him on a short-term basis, as a 13-2 record this season and last season should tell you.
4 (5) Magic 41-14 The early evidence suggests that Alston, if nothing else, should enable the Jameer-less Magic to hang onto their top-five status here. Which is almost as important as beating Boston or Cleveland in the playoffs, right?
5 (4) Spurs 37-17 There was no springboard effect for the Spurs from this season's Rodeo Road Trip. Not with Ginobili going down. Duncan, though, sounds eerily confident. Says Timmy: "Right now, I think we're right in the mix."
6 (6) Nuggets 37-19 Draw a line under the top five, but credit the Nuggets for making this spot their own. Whether or not they've got enough size to be a playoff factor, No. 6 is where you've found them for eight of the past nine Mondays.
7 (7) Trail Blazers 35-20 Props to Portland. The Blazers have responded to two fairly significant disappointments -- Oden's new knee injury and a frustrating trade deadline -- with two emphatic home spankings of the Hawks and Clips.
8 (8) Rockets 35-21 If you subscribe to the theory that Yao and Co. will be better without a half-speed McGrady yo-yoing in and out of the lineup and with Alston exiled to Orlando, last week was Houston's best week in some time.
9 (10) Jazz 33-23 We've been wrapped up in their injury issues for weeks, but it all seems so trivial now. True tragedy has befallen this Jazz and all of Utah with longtime owner Larry Miller losing his battle with diabetes at the age of 64.
10 (9) Mavericks 33-22 What's getting them through Jason Terry's extended unavailability? Seeing pretty much every other team in the Western Conference race dealing with at least one major injury absentee is the Mavs' lone consolation.