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02-18-2009, 09:42 AM
ok,ok,i know threads like this posted lots of times,but with time toughts change and people like this kind of topics.i want you to choose 1 player from all positions,and create your 5 men team.with some explanation of why that guy..here is mine;

pg: Deron Williams /* yeah,i know a lot of you will go with c.paul,and that makes sense.but looking at stats and saying paul is better than deron is too simple and i don't buy that.paul may be better than deron but from my standpoint,he is not.i think deron knows what to do and when to do better than paul,and what he is doing with that short-handed team amazes me a lot.not to mention he carried his team somewhere in the playoffs paul hasn't soon.

sg:Kobe Bryant /* the only rival for this position is wade.but at this point of their carrier,kobe is better than him,wade can hurt you nearly as much as bryant,the problem is wade is just one step behind kobe anyhow,his midrange game is good,3point shooting is developing,but he is just a step behind,even his height..and i have to add thati like Brandon Roy's game a lot.

sf: LeBron James /* easiest choice,i'm not saying he is the best player in the league(i think kobe is better now,but lebron has a great chance to pass him soon),but he is the best player in his position by far.if durant turns something like,what wade is to kobe,to lebron in a few years,than we have something to talk about.

pf: Kevin Garnett /* statistically he is not as good as past,but the 20-13-5 guy is still there,he just doesn't have to put that numbers..the real difference he makes comes at the other end of the floor.he turns your team in to a defensive monster..honoroble mention: Dirk Nowitzki(he is half step behind garnett and that half step is c'ship)

c: Tim Duncan /* if i have to start my franchise i go with howard,but the choices are all about having succeess now...howard is a monster for sure,but he still has a lot of weaknesses offensively,if i need one shot at the end of the game,i easily go with duncan,and this is the main difference now.also duncan still has the best post up moves..if i consider Duncan as pf,than i have to say sorry to garnett..

02-18-2009, 10:15 AM
PG - Derrick Rose - This kid is one of the elite point guards of the future. He can distribute well or when need be take it into the paint and finish. Every team should have a point guard like D. Rose.

SG- OJ Mayo - He shoots.... HE SCORES!!!! Simply put this kid is a baller... he can shoot from anywhere on the court, take it inside with ease, and not a bad passer. At SG he plays this position as well or better than most starters in the league.

SF- Josh Smith - DEFENSE, DEFENSE, and did i say DEFENSE?! He can block, rebound, and steal with the best of them. Not to mention a budding jump shot that will catapult Mr. Smith to the upper echelon of current NBA players. Solid D + a growing offensive game = a winner.

PF- David Lee - Yes I'm a Knick fan and we can't talk about PF's without putting in NY's "Great White Hope". He's the man... Double Double David... NUFF SAID

C- Andris Biedrins - Great defender and a GREAT rebounder... can score when needed. He would be the inside presence we need to block shots and slow down teams who try to abuse the paint.

6th Man - KryptoNate Robinson PG - Spark off the bench and another great young PG... can shoot the 3 ball and creates steals.

People who didnt make the team but can fill out the bench

7- Trevor Ariza SG/SF
8- Ryan Anderson PF
9- Jason Kapono SG/SF
10- JaVale McGee C/PF
IR- Jared Jordan PG (if you dont know the Magic Man... learn about him)
IR- Steven Hill C (played for Arkansas in college and Thunder in NBA)

I made my team somewhat realistic when it comes to estimated team salary and star power... I didn't put a gang of all-stars on one team (doesn't seem fair/realistic)

02-18-2009, 10:19 AM
*Chris Paul: Yep, that's right. I'm going w/ CP3. Shocker. I've loved watchin this guy play ever since he was in Wake Forest. I love the way he sees the court. He gets everyone involved, he can score when he wants to score, he doesn't turn the ball over, and he's almost never hurt (obviously to the exception of this year). To me, he's the typical PG that has WAY more to offer.

*Kobe Bryant: Easy. How can you not? Best shooter in the league, experienced, a winner, and he's still relatively young b/c he came out of HS.

*LeBron James: Best at his position by far. Big, strong, dominant player. With Kobe on the team he won't have to take those 3's that he is SO horrible at, so he'll be able to just do what he does best- drive.

*Dirk Nowitzki: I like Garnett, but Dirk is impossible to block. He has that signature fade that can't be blocked and he almost never misses it. He can hit from 3, he's learned to bang inside. I love a big man with an outside shot.

*Dwight Howard: Can't go wrong here. Best rebounder, and i believe now, best shot blocker and overall defender in the game right now. relentless rebounder, dunks on anyone, and is starting to develop a baby-hook which will make him deadly.

i DOUBT this would work in real life, but it's great to have the ability to dream, isn't it? :D

02-18-2009, 11:11 AM
PG: Deron Williams- Kidd and Wade combined…Great passer like Kidd, athletic and scorer like Wade.

SG: Wade- MVP 2009?

SF: Lebron- Best player in the world.

PF: Amar’e Stoudemire- Way too athletic to pass him up. Too dominant when he plays with the right people and the right way.

C: Dwight Howard- Will be most dominant big man very soon, if not already.

6th: Granger- Up and coming star. Sick 6th man.
7th: Billups- Big Shot Billups
8th: Bynum- Ask Kobe.
9h: Rasheed Wallace- DEFENSE and his 3’s shooting with his off hand.
10th: Rashard Lewis- Strictly to shoot 3’s coming off the bench. Instant offence.
11th: Ray Allen- My version of Boston’s Eddie House but so much better.

Coach: Larry Brown- Look what he did in Detroit. Imagine what he can do with this team.

Young Team
Veteran Presence
Players who know how to win and who has a championship ring.

02-18-2009, 12:14 PM
PG) Chris Paul – Probably don’t have to spend too much time explaining myself here.

SG) Joe Johnson – Doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be effective (which is good because with Paul/LeBron controlling the ball he’s probably only going to get it when he’s open to shoot), great shooter, also a very good perimeter defender. One of the most underrated all around players in the league IMO, and perfect for this team.

SF) LeBron – You thought I was going to say Ricky Davis?

PF) Dirk – This is a tough one. With this team I wanted a PF who could spread the floor (a.k.a. get out of Howards way in the paint), and spot up and knock down big shots. I wanted to say KG, who also has the added benefit of great defense/leadership, but Dirk has so much more range, is a tougher matchup, and defense/leadership isn’t exactly lacking with the rest of my lineup. Slight slight edge goes to Dirk.

C) Howard – Block, rebound, slam dunk, repeat.

6th man) Ginobili
Bench) Nash
Bench) Wade
Bench) KG
Bench) Al Jefferson (if he comes back healthy, obviously)
Bench) Durant
Bench) Reggie Evans (The way he can bring a slumping/disinterested team back to life single handedly by playing his balls off will ALWAYS have a spot on my roster. Down by 16 and need to start a run to get back in the game? Bring in Evans.)

02-18-2009, 12:44 PM
PG) Chris Paul - Best distributor in the game and good defender
SG) Dwayne Wade - Playing out of his mind on offense and defense
SF) Lebron James - Man Child (enough said)
PF) Tim Duncan - Best Power Forward in the game and proven winner
C) Dwight Howard - Man Child the Sequel (Did anyone see him drop 45pts, 19rebs, and 8 blks last night, wow.)