View Full Version : NBA All-Star Game MVP:No surprises again!

02-16-2009, 11:35 PM
Domination of minutes by the same players Kobe and Shaq had Phil Jackson in their corners orchestrating their playing time giving these two great odds of achieving this once prestigious honor.Coaches and players have found a way of manipulating a players time and involvement and leaving no surprises by games end.This should be a time when these high caliber players can come together and play as one and the person leaving with the trophy is the one with more assists and plays at getting his team mates involved.This is another event that is becoming something it shouldn't be ,whatever happened to sportsmanship?Is this the message that kids are supposed to learn when playing as a team?This whole format needs to be changed with players that contribute in other ways and show that hard work and perseverance still pays off.

02-16-2009, 11:45 PM
The ASG is simply intended as entertainment fodder, nothing more. It is the time when players can show off. I would prefer my players work together as one team during meaningful games in the season and playoffs-this game has no effect on anything whatsoever.
Interesting ideas, though.