View Full Version : NBA GMs having more guts?

02-13-2009, 04:55 PM
i wanted to put this out there and it thought it was interesting.

is it me or has the amount of trades involving big names increased so much in the last 2 years?

ever since Danny Ainge pulled the trigger on 2 mega deals in getting Ray and KG, it seems like every GM has attempted the same type of team.

we are seeing more and more teams with 3 stars or big scorers on the team and many rumors of teams trying to put together their own 3.

the big names that have moved in the last 2 years: KG, Ray Allen, Baron Davis, JO (twice), Marion (twice), Kidd, Shaq, Ben Wallace, Pau Gasol, Rashard Lewis, AI, Billupts, Ron Artest, Corey Maggete, Elton Brand, Mike Bibby, Zach Randolphe, Crawford, Al Harrington, Marcus Camby, and anyone i forgot. o for u huge fans: MIKE JAMES.

thats a big list of famous names and to think VC, Amare, T-mac and others could be moved.

what has caused all these moves? i like it because i love the FO stuff, but its hard to beleive this large of a shake up has happened

02-13-2009, 05:16 PM
True... I like it though, cause a team can gain alot by getting a superstar who specializes in exactly what their team needs. It also kinda sucks for some fans, cuz some of the same trades that are good for another team, are suicide for others.