View Full Version : CBS Sportsline League $50 H2H League 3 owners needed

02-12-2009, 11:12 AM
Its a PLayoff H2H League. $50 to join. Contact me at futureprodigy88@msn.com if you want to join. There is only 3 spots left. Payments only necessary after league is full. All money recieved goes into the pot and awarded to the top spots. I take no money for running the league. For more info go to the links below....the league website I built has everything you need to know about the cash prizes and information about joining the league:

RotoResume: http://www.rotoresume.com/viewResume/league/id/725

League: http://freemeeting.1.baseball.cbssports.com/meeting/view-league/96943

League Website that I built: http://futureprodigy88.sports.officelive.com