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02-10-2009, 02:55 PM
1. Players to be cut or not resigned

First order of business for Kokinis and Mangini.

23 Travis Daniels CB
54 Andra Davis ILB
87 Darnell Dinkins TE
55 Willie McGinest OLB
68 Seth McKinney C/G
51 Shantee Orr OLB
29 Jason Wright RB
79 Scott Young G
97 Chase Pittman DE
12 Syndric Steptoe WR
25 Terry Cousin CB
56 Antwan Peek OLB
66 Hank Fraley C
98 Robaire Smith DE
91 Shaun Smith DE/NT

2. Players resigned or restructured contracts.

20 Mike Adams FS
93 Louis Leonard DE/NT
62 Lennie Friedman G/C
53 Kris Griffin ILB
18 Donté Stallworth- If he won't do it we just cut him and take our loses.
99 Corey Williams DE- Doubt but I can dream.
16 Joshua Cribbs- He deserves it.
80 Kellen Winslow II- Doesn't exactly deserve it but he is an important key to our offense and we need to just shut him up and pay him. No more than 4 year deal though which will be tough to impossible.
31 Jamal Lewis- This is one that has to be done. I know Mangini has come out to say he likes him but he needs to help out the Browns and restructure. Also needs to take a step back and split carries with a younger guy we draft.

3. Free Agency

36 Jim Leonhard - Even if we franchise Sean Jones we need depth and that is exactly what this guy adds. We can make room in our secondary for this guy with Sean Jones and Brodney Pool.

94 Antonio Smith- Had a great playoff in Arizona and would start at RE for us next year.

37 Chris Johnson- Has ties to Rob Ryan and could easily compete with McDonald for our #2 corner or just be a good nickle.

50 Eric Barton- Has ties with Mangini and will start with D'Qwell at ILB. D'Qwell will play the same role as David Harris did last year so Barton will fit right in.

I know this a stretch but guys I think are a must are Barton, Johnson, and Peppers.

4. The 2009 NFL Draft

Trade- We trade Derek Anderson and our #100 (4th round) pick for the # 54 (2nd round) pick with the Minnesota Vikings. Perfect for both teams. I do feel Brad Childress will greatly change Derek Anderson into a pro bowl quarterback. Derek will have Adrian Peterson, Bernard Berrian, and Sidney Rice as great targets and one of the best offensive lines in football. They could be a force next year with Derek Anderson.

Trade- Cleveland Browns #5 pick to Denver for their #12 and their #79 (third round) pick.

Trade-Braylon Edwards to the New York Giants for their 1st round pick and 3rd rounder. Same what Detroit got for Roy Williams and Braylon was a pro bowler and Williams never has been.

#12- The Cleveland Browns select the hometown product of 28 Chris "Beanie" Wells from THE Ohio State University.

We passed on Peterson two years ago for Joe Thomas which I am happy with but we need to fix our running game so we can open up play action for Quinn. We need a running back and Wells is a hometown star who will fit perfect with the Browns and AFCN. I know people think he will be a bust or injury prone but that is just a biased against OSU. Look at his numbers people he deserves to be a top 10 pick.

#29- The Cleveland Browns select Larry English from Northern Illinois

I hope he will be here this late but he is perfect for strong side outside linebacker opposite of Wimbley. He will demand extra help on that side which should free up Wimbley and hopefully he will have numbers similar towards his rookie year rather than last two years.

#36- The Cleveland Browns select 88 Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina

He will replace Braylon.

#54- The Cleveland Browns select #25 Sean Smith FS Utah

He will compete with Brodney Pool for the starting free safety spot. Also can play corner.

#79- The Cleveland Browns select 76 Trevor Canfield G Cincinnati

He will compete for the starting RG spot this year.

#91- The Cleveland Browns select Mitch King DE Iowa

Rotational guy on the defensive line.

#164- The Cleveland Browns select 6 Graham Harrell QB Texas Tech

Will be a career back up and our back up.

5. Our starting lineup for 2009 season

QB Brady Quinn, Graham Harrell
RB Chris Wells, Jerome Harrison, Jamal Lewis
FB Lawrence Vickers
TE Kellen Winslow, Martin Rucker
WR Donté Stallworth ,Joe Jurevicius
WR Hakeem Nicks, Joshua Cribbs
LT Joe Thomas, Kevin Shaffer
LG Eric Steinbach, Lennie Friedman
C Rex Hadnot, Seth McKinney
RG Trevor Canfield, Seth McKinney
RT Kevin Shaffer, Ryan Tucker

LDE Corey Williams, Mitch King
NT Shaun Rogers, Ahtyba Rubin
RDE Antonio Smith, Louis Leonard
LOLB Larry English, Alex Hall
LILB Eric Barton, Leon Williams
RILB D'Qwell Jackson, Kris Griffin, Beau Bell
ROLB Kamerion Wimbley, Alex Hall
CB Eric Wright, Chris Johnson
CB Brandon McDonald, Sean Smith
SS Jim Leonhard, Mike Adams
FS Sean Smith, Brodney Pool

I know people will hate the Wells pick. I do no think this will happen. We will probably get defense but I do feel he is a better pick than Rey Maualuga, Everette Brown, and Brian Orakpo.

I could see us getting any one of them though including Malcolm Jenkins who I think would be a great pick up but isn't a #1 need right now. We need to fix our running game on offense and our front seven for the defense. There is no such thing as a great secondary with a horrible front seven.

02-10-2009, 11:26 PM
Well thought out. I like the thinking, but I dont think much of that will happen. I can't see the Giants giving up a 1st and 3rd for a guy that cant catch the ball and has a bad attitude. Good post though. And I agree that we should take Wells. Too talented to pass up.

02-12-2009, 11:08 AM
I agree, good post... but I have a few issues

First off, don't get rid of Braylon Edwards.. the way you have it, we would have no one who would be as explosive and valuable on the WR crew. Yes, he did drop a lot of passes, but I am sure he will come back next year stronger than ever.

Second, I don't think the RB is a good choice.. Most the time the best RB's are the late round pickups, so perhaps pick one up later in the draft. (Peterson an exception)

Third, why draft a QB?

02-12-2009, 12:55 PM
I find it ironic that you mentioned Derek Anderson turning it around, but want to write off Braylon who is also one year removed from a Pro Bowl year.

If you think Braylon will be nothing more than a perennial pass-dropper in this league, I think you're crazy.

The guy will right the ship, he caught a TON of flack this year about it. He has tremendous #1 WR talent, but had a fatal flaw this year. I guarantee you he'll try everything in the book to repair his image from 2008.

Then when he goes to another team and dominates you'll kick yourself for ever saying Nicks could replace Braylon.

I thought you put tremendous effort into this post, and I commend you for that. I don't even mind the theory on Wells as much as this whole Braylon thing bugs me. Man... one season in the early part of his career and POOF, you're done. Have you seen the natural ability of that guy???

02-12-2009, 02:32 PM
You do NOT get rid of Braylon Edwards... You do however get rid of K2. We need a regular TE that blocks (like Steve Heiden , now hurt as well). K2 takes and gives out way to much punishement to stay healthy in this league. Most TE get hurt so depth is so imporatant for that pos. I'm not sold on Wells and J. Lewis has seen better days but keep him and get someone with speed and use 2 RB's like everyone else is doing. I like Stubbs from Baltimore and sign within your division. That is a MUST. You weaken your divisional foes and add improved talent to your team. Just Win Baby, Just Win !!!!!!!!!!!

02-12-2009, 02:35 PM
Did Braylon have the drops at Michigan ???? I hope not and pray it's a 1 year thing...... Maybe 4 hour energy instead of 5 ! A little less jitters and $0.59 cheaper !