View Full Version : Steroids bad for Baseball good for Football?

02-08-2009, 03:45 AM
The A-Rod issue has sparked many heated discussions today. Ive even read alot of post of people saying that they are through with baseball they cant handle the steroids and the heartbreak when Stars are outted.

The most interesting thing I read was one poster who said they were through with baseball and was looking forward to the NBA and the NFL because thats what they trust and will say good-bye to baseball.

So what I don't get is how fans as a whole can be so angry at steroids in one sport and not nearly as mad in another. I realize that baseball is our national pastime a classic and revered game that has prided it self on stats and comparing players of the past to players of present day. Yet football is the most popular league today and when we hear player are getting suspended for steroids its more like oh crap there goes my fantasy team rather then complete out rage.

Shawn Merriman was one guy who was suspended for steroids where no one really cared, more was made of what his loss would mean tot he defense rather than the fact he cheated.

I dont know, I guess we just want out football players to be bigger and stronger so they can lay bone crushing hits and make amazing cuts at any cost. Yet we only want to see monster home runs done by god given talent and hard work.