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Cubs Win
02-07-2009, 03:49 PM
I was just watching the Texas-Nebraska game when I noticed him. What type of NBA player do you think he could turn into? I can't make a reasonable guess because I have barely ever seen him. He's currently a junior so I think he'll stay for his senior year at Texas since he doesn't start this year though.

Here are some of his measurements and stats:

Height: 6-10 Weight: 298 lbs.
MPG: 13.4 PPG: 9.8 RPG: 4.5 FG%: 60.9% FT%: 73.9% BPG: .9
SPG: .5 AST: .2 TO: 1.4 PF: 2.9

Here's what I see from those numbers. He obviously has the size to be an NBA center if he is a true 6-10, but at 298 lbs he could perhaps lose 10-15 lbs to add endurance and a little more speed. (Maybe that's why his minutes are very low, but I'm not sure) Considering that he plays 13 minutes and gets 10 pts a game, he can score in the low post. 4.5 rebounds is also a great number for only 13 minutes. His FG% and FT% are great, but he probably isn't playing many people his size like he would in the NBA. Blocks are a little low, so perhaps he isn't a quick jumper that can get a lot o blocks. But the assists show he clearly needs to work on passing out of the post. Another problem for him could be the fouls. At almost 3 fouls every 13 minutes, he may have trouble remembering where the court is when it's time to check back in.

So what do you guys think about him/his future?