View Full Version : I am the mock trade deadline owner of the cats and need some advice from u guys

02-04-2009, 11:10 PM
Hi there I am the mock trade deadline ownder of the bobcats.

Ok here is what i am looking at doing.
1. Getting a center
2. Getting rid of May

Now i have a few questions for you guys
Do i trade ...Raja Bell,Adam morrison

and i am talking about a trade with the bucks that would follow like this

Bucks Recieve- Raja Bell
Bobcats Recieve- Joe Alexander

Would u like ^^^the trade above?


02-05-2009, 12:28 AM
Depends what you are looking to do. Diaw and Bell have been big additions to the team. And what Bell gives you is a great shooter, great defender, a tough player, and a leader. Joe Alexander on the other hand, has been a HUGE disappointment, at least this year. People don't think much of his stock at the moment.

So, if you want to win now, I'd keep Bell.
If you are targetting the future, then maybe trade for Alexander. But he plays SF and you already have a guy named Gerald Wallace locked up for the next 4 years, and he's only 26.

Good luck getting a Center though. One team that may bite is the Kings, who will most likely be blowing everything up so Brad Miller could be had for expirings/prospects. It would be tough getting the money to work though.

Another guy worth going after is John Salmons, who I bet the Kings will be looking to move as well.

Here's my advice...

1) Don't trade Gerald Wallace, he is the best offensive and defensive player on the team.
2) Don't trade Diaw or Okafor, Diaw has really helped out Okafor offensively and his versatility and passing are invaluable. Okafor is a great rebounder and shotblocker. He anchors the interior defense.
3) Don't trade Felton. He's been playing very well lately.

The only thing you really need to tweak is the bench. If you can get a deeper bench, you have a playoff team. The cats were really coming together before Wallace got hurt.

02-05-2009, 05:42 PM
feltons value is really good right now so i am thinking about maybe packaging up the following
juwan howard
and maybe player or 2 more

in order to get a big name
i am doing the alexander trade though

02-05-2009, 06:22 PM
So with Bell gone, who is your starting 2 guard?

02-05-2009, 08:32 PM
im trying to acquire corey magette for that spot

02-05-2009, 09:13 PM
21 Alexis Ajinca C 20 7-0 220 $1,276,320
14 D.J. Augustin PG 21 6-0 180 Texas $2,208,960
12 Shannon Brown PG 23 6-4 211 Michigan State $797,581
32 Boris Diaw PF 26 6-8 235 $9,000,000
5 Juwan Howard PF 35 6-9 253 Michigan $586,457
1 Cartier Martin PF 24 6-7 220 Kansas State
35 Adam Morrison SF 24 6-8 205 Gonzaga $4,159,200
50 Emeka Okafor C 26 6-10 255 Connecticut $9,537,500
44 Sean Singletary PG 23 6-0 185 Virginia $442,114
3 Gerald Wallace SF 26 6-7 220 Alabama $9,500,000
50 Corey Maggette SF 29 6-6 225 Duke $8,275,862
33 Jermareo Davidson PF 24 6-10 230 Alabama $41,854
11 Jamaal Tinsley PG 30 6-3 185 Iowa State $6,750,000
Ramon Sessions PG 22 6-3 190 $722,517
44 Brian Scalabrine C 30 6-9 235 USC $3,206,897

Point Guard :D.J. Augustin,Ramon Sessions,Jamal Tinsley, Sean Singletary
Shooting Guard: Magette,Giddens,
Small Forward :Gerald Wallace, Adam Morrison, Joe Alexander,Adrian Griffin.
Power Forward :Boris Diaw ,Juwan Howard ,JaMareo Davidson
Center Emeka :Okafor, Alexis Ajinca,Scalabrine

Joe Alexander: (2,403,120)Adrian Griffin: (1,711,000) for Raja Bell (5,000,000)

20 Raymond Felton PG $4,148,715 & 42 Sean May $2,661,027 for Corey Maggette $8,275,862 & Jermareo Davidson (TR) $41,854

6 Nazr Mohammed C 31 6-10 250 Kentucky $6,049,400 ,1st round pick, for 11 Jamaal Tinsley PG 30 6-3 185 Iowa State $6,750,000

In a 3 way i did this

7 DeSagana Diop C 27 7-0 280 $5,585,000 , TRADED FOR...7 Ramon Sessions PG 22 6-3 190 $722,517 ,4 J.R. Giddens SG 23 6-5 215 New Mexico $957,120 ,44 Brian Scalabrine C 30 6-9 235 USC $3,206,897

02-05-2009, 09:47 PM
Hmm I dunno about Maggette. His contract sucks and he plays very little defense. He can score, but he is one of the most selfish players in the NBA.

On paper it looks good though. Alexander could be a good pickup, but the future is unknown for him. I'd probably put him ahead of Morrison on the depth chart, Morrison is THAT bad. Larry Brown just said the other day he'd rather start D-Leaguer Cartier Martin instead of Morrison.

02-05-2009, 09:50 PM
ok im gonna try to pick up yao somehow