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Big Game Son
02-04-2009, 01:02 AM
One thing I have noticed substantially this season is our lack of athleticism. However I believe this has been part of the Raptors problems after 2000ish.

We have put alot of stock into players such as....

Humphries (apparently showed athleticism in draft - more than likely there was a mistake there)
Bosh (I love him, but he isnt athletic he is just very good at body control and is fluid in his movements)
JO (not that hes unathletic but the knees really limit him)
Aruajo (HAHAHA sorry but it is true. No athleticism)
Charlie V (Big Smooth, not athletic though. Smooth in his movements but he isnt a strong moving, quick footwork shake and bake type of guy)

These aren't bad players at all, but they definitely are not the portrait of athleticism and I think in a future mindset this kills any potential. Until Triano our team has rly lacked in trying to even show this athleticism.

We have athletic players like

Bargnani (Unreal for a 7 footer)
Moon (Apparently thinks hes Kapono though)
Graham (Inconsistent at best)
Calderon (He can leap and run fast)
Ukic (big guy for PG that can move around)

That said I love Bosh and don't want to say he isnt worth our time. He is for sure! It's just that this lack of athleticism from 5 guys is rly irritating. Triano is trying to bring it out, but the mentality isnt there. I want to see some athletic players come to Toronto and lets not have these injury prone, slow guys come to town. O-Boards, D-Boards (also is mindset and positioning though), Defense, setting screens and shot blocks (JO shows his prowess here but those knees are catchin up) all require athletic guys. Notice where we lack..........

P.S. Lack of athleticism is HORRIBLE if you want to try to improve your D. You flat out cant keep up and this is why Triano is getting frustrated. He knows this. Colangelo bring in some high flying quick guys to help kick us up a knotch!

Musical Tempo
02-04-2009, 01:49 AM
One question, and answer it quick


& The Spurs

Aside from Gino, Parker, Finley, and maybe Mason. I doubt they have one who will blow your mind with athleticism.

Our dept sucks, we don't know our rolls like you said Moon thinking he is Kapono, and Kapono driving the basket while Moon should be doing that.

02-04-2009, 02:29 AM
Moon (Apparently thinks hes Kapono though)