View Full Version : The New England touch?/Superbowl XLIV

01-31-2009, 08:17 PM
If AZ wins the Superbowl on Sunday, that would be two years in a row that New England had a direct impact on the champion. Even if they don't win, the game against New England was their wake up call heading into the playoffs. Last year it was the NFC New Jersey team that gained the confidence they needed heading into the playoffs after playing their starters in Week 17 and losing a hard fought game 38-35 to the 16-0 Pats. So it appears that the NFC champion heading into Superbowl XLIV could very well be from the NFC South as that is the NFC division New England is playing next year. And since that division has had the recent history of the previous year's bottom team winning the division the following year, I'm going to go with New Orleans making it to Miami next year.

Prediction: Superbowl XLIV

New England-34 New Orleans-31

There, that was fun.