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opaloco chicho
01-28-2009, 06:01 PM

Dockett says he forgives his mother's murderer

"I forgive him," Dockett said.

Dockett was 13 when he came home to find his mother shot to death, the worst moment of his troubled young life. Four months later, his father died of cancer.

"I think that God has a hand on Dockett's life, whether Dockett knows it or not," teammate Antonio Smith said, "because to be through some of the things that he's been through and still come out where he is, is a blessing and is amazing."

No one has been arrested for the July 4, 1994 execution-style murder of Cheryl Hambrick, but if anyone ever is, Dockett said he'd like to sit down and talk to the killer, "exactly like Warrick Dunn did."

Two years ago, Dunn, the Atlanta Falcons' running back, confronted the man convicted in the 1993 slaying his mother, who was a Baton Rouge, La., police officer.

Dockett wants a chance to have a conversation with the person who killed his mother to talk about "all the things I saw and all the things that have happened to me since then to become the person that I am."

He said "things happen for a reason." Had he not mourned his mother's death, or gotten into all the trouble he did afterward, he may not have developed into the NFL player who will start at defensive tackle for Arizona in Sunday's Super Bowl.