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01-21-2009, 11:26 AM
Reflections at the break…

January 21

I am as guilty as anyone of poking holes in the Rangers’ record this season, as if it’s all a result of smoke, mirrors, and creative accounting.

“The most frustrating first-place team in history.” I’ve had more than one person describe the Rangers as that to me, and given their low-scoring tendencies and somewhat vanilla personality, I can understand why.

And yet, as the team disperses for the All-Star break after an impressive win last night over the Ducks, maybe it’s time to start embracing the Rangers for what they are.

As in…

They are a team that has only occasionally budged from their spot atop the standings.

They are a team featuring arguably the best goalie in the game, and one of the best penalty-killing units.

They are a group devoid of any one superstar skater, but they’re also a team that can expect production from various segments of its lineup on any given night.

They are a team in far better shape than they were at this same point the previous two seasons.

Look, no one is engraving Blair Betts’ name into the Stanley Cup just yet. I think we’re all aware that this team needs at least a few upgrades at the trade deadline—perhaps a gritty, top-six forward, perhaps a more commanding, physical presence on the backline (hey, why not both?!)

But there have now been 48 games this season, so it’s no longer fair to say this team’s record is merely a reflection of a fast start. Maybe that’s still not enough to get it over the hump in the playoffs. But it’s still a better starting point than it’s had in the past.

Ny rAnGeRS 4EvA
01-21-2009, 12:58 PM
The Rangers are what they are .. They are a team who will win close low scoring games . A team who can beat you if you turn it over . A team who PK will throw you off your game , A team Who is missing one or two parts that if .. "IF" we can some how get will be a lock into the Finals ... The devils can score but say when marty comes back and he starts it throws the teams who game off .. prolly will happen ..

Just saying if we get a TOP 6 foward maybe a nice D man this team will be alot better if we can somehow keep the PP going and HANK keeps up his awsome allstar play ... we might be chanting 1994 in a few months .... god i hope so .....

01-21-2009, 01:04 PM
You are right they are what they are. This is reality not a fantasy hockey league. We cant just say how about Malkin, Kovy, Heatley, etc and have them appear on our team magically. Great players do not get moved for nothing. They are very expensive to trade for. We all would like to have them but at what cost. Right now this team is in a transition phase from older players to younger players. We may not be a cup team this year as we are built now but that doesnt mean we cant appreciate their hard work for staying in first place for much of the season. Hopefully they will get that 100 point scorer or Norriss trophy type defenseman at some point but until then I will just look for solid work and team play. :)

01-21-2009, 02:21 PM
After all of my & alot of other guys on heres hemmin & hawwin about this & that we're at the break & in 1st. place. 3 weeks ago i was on here screaming about Renney & Sather about Drury & Gomez, Redden & Rozival but still we are atop our division. It looks as if their commitment to a defensive style of play works well, when they stick to it. I still would want a top line player added to this team, but thats not going to be easy with the cap restrictions & all. Until that happens we are still among the top teams in the east 34 games to go & we do look good at this stage, i am going to have my second son in March & i would love to be able to tell him someday you know the year when you were born we won the CUP! LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-21-2009, 05:57 PM
I'm not sure who said it, but I agree that Sather has a knock for signing AHL players. Rissmiller is putting up some decent points in Hartford and I feel Voros should join him. When i looked in the paper this morning and saw 28-16-2-2, I smiled. When did our record look this good at the all star break?