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01-18-2009, 08:57 PM
Big article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal today >>>>Keep Conley. The players want him and I do believe they are the ones who ultimately make or break the success of the team. Not the coaches,not the GM.and not the owner.
We have not had good counsel on whom to keep;whom to develop;whom to trade and for what. I was in the tunnel at halftime Friday night. The body language between Ivy and everyone else is awful. The man looks maxed out and alone. How can you keep the faith and energy flowing when you don't relate? He must have been a half step behind when he was tapped to be the head coach. Chris Wallace to me is a 50-50. I still have a hope he can work for the Grizzlies' success. I don't feel that way about Iavaroni now. When we win, it's a question mark to me. It's pretty obvious when we lose winable games that they are being outcoached or they just give up. Who's job is it anyhow to motivate a team?? Not the owner's job, nor is it the GM.
So keep Conley and keep the peace. Let him develop. It's not like we are gambling on a playoff spot.

01-18-2009, 09:40 PM
When i posted a reply on the griz and bucks trade i said that if the deal is happening, im good with it but i dont like it 100%. I said that im willing to give conley all the chances he needs and now as a reply to this thread i say screw the griz-bucks deal! Lets keep Mike Conley!

I Am Awesome-O
01-18-2009, 10:32 PM
I'm as big of a Conley fan as anyone, and I think he will be a very good, perhaps great, starter eventually, but he just doesn't fit well next to O.J. Mayo, and unless he somehow miraculously develops a great jump shot, he never will.

Conley needs the ball in his hands to make anything happen. Mayo doesn't necessarily need the ball in his hands, but it should be in his hands due to his brilliant scoring and playmaking ability. This team is better in halfcourt sets when the ball is in O.J.'s hands.

I would be pissed about losing Conley, but knowing how badly he fits in Memphis and how much better off he would be on another team actually makes me kind of inclined to trade Conley. Perhaps we can make things work out, but if not, we need to give him an opportunity somewhere else, and get great value for him as well.

The Milwaukee trade seems like the most value that we could get for Conley. Conley will most likely wind up being the best player out of this trade, but Sessions and Alexander definately give this team more value than Conley gives the team.

The biggest reason for the Griz to keep Conley would be this- When this team is set, and actually has an athletic, significant post presence, what happens when we actually put our offense in? This team will most likely use an offense that gives our players a chance to run every time they get a rebound, and who better to lead a running team than a lightning-quick point guard with brilliant ball handling skills?

That's the one thing that worries me, because even though Conley doesn't fit well next to O.J. in a halfcourt set, it wouldn't matter as much if we were a predominately running team. So that makes the situation a bit more dicey.

However, I get the feeling that this trade is more likely to happen now that Rudy Fernandez is going to the dunk contest, not Joe Alexander, because for some reason people were saying that if Alexander was in the dunk contest, the trade wouldn't happen. I am still about 75% behind the deal.

By the way, here is a link to the article that mzgrizz was talking about- http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2009/jan/18/case-weak-for-conley-deal/