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01-16-2009, 11:22 PM
Wow what a game, or at least a third period for the New Jersey Devil's tonight. Not until the third period tonight were the Devils able to show any real offensive presence even after controlling the puck for the beginning of the first period. Not until Travis Zajac scored six seconds into a powerplay off a butchered dump attempt by R.J. Umberger were umberger collapsed after seeing all the white jerseys in front of him which allowed the Devils to finally be able to get onto the board. They trailing by one goal from Malhotra who scored at 12:46 into the second period. The momentum for the goal came just a few moments early after killing off a tripping penalty by Brian Gionta after looking strong and a fortunate save by the goal post to keep the blue jackets from going up by another goal.

To finish the Blue Jackets off a controversial wraparound attempt by David Clarkson was tapped in by John Madden. As Madden put the puck away into the net Defenseman Marc Mathot inadvertently knocked the goal off the post. It was called a goal on the ice by the referee and reviewed. The review clarified the rule that if a defensive player purposely or inadvertently knocks the net off the net and the player is in the act of shooting or already shot the puck and the puck has gone between where the posts would have been a goal may be awarded. Mathot knocked off the post, Madden was in the act of shooting and it cleary went through the posts and the post closest to the puck did not come off until well after the puck crossed the line.

The prowess exhibited by the Devils will hopefully give the Devils the offense they will need to get past the Islanders in their upcoming game at the Nasseau Coliseum. The Devils are now racked up a record of (3-1) on a six game road trip and look to improve their record as to stay in the race for the playoffs and get ahead of the other teams of the east specifically the Flyers and Rangers of their own division. The win temporarily puts them in a tie for fifth with the Flyers.

Hero-Travis Zajac. The Devils lacked scoring chances all night and when Zajac was able to grab the puck off a butchered dump by R.J. Umberger the patience he showed and physical ability clearly puts him ahead of the pack. He did not rush his shot and was able to put the Devils ahead. This once again shows why he should remain a Devil on this Z-Z-Pop line which others have argued in our Shanahan thread. There is no valid reason to explain why he, Parise and Langenbrunner should or would be split up.
runner up: Kevin Weekes who I have the utmost respect for even if I may joke around about him once and awhile. He steps in for the second time this week and keeps the Devils in the game with 26 saves, congrats.

Zer0- R.J. Umberger. I have already mentioned what happened with Umbergerer who must be down on himself after that loss.

01-17-2009, 01:14 AM
i like that they kept callin it the Z-Z-Pop line