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01-09-2009, 02:36 PM
A lot of people don't know what this means or what it is for, but here is an explanation.

A Win Share determines how much you are responsible for your team winning. It basically says who is the most important player on the team giving the production for your team to win.


James made team Win Shares directly proportional to team wins. In his system, a baseball team that wins 80 games will have exactly 240 Win Shares, a baseball team that wins 90 games will have exactly 270 Win Shares, etc. In my system, a basketball team that wins 50 games will have about 50 Win Shares, give or take.

James did not allow for the possibility of negative Win Shares. In his system, the fewest number of Win Shares a player can have is zero. In my system, a player can have negative Win Shares. I justify this by thinking about it in the following way: a player with negative Win Shares was so poor that he essentially took away wins that his teammates had generated.

So if a team wins 60 games, it spreads across the team to determine how much each player is reponsible for the team winning and thus each player gets a win share.

So let's take for example the Bulls.


If you look at them you will see that in the ADVANCED section on basketball-reference and all the way to the right you will see WS (which stands for Win Shares), it shows who the leader is on the team and the impact they have on the teams wins.

These are your yearly Win Share leaders


2008-09 NBA LeBron James 19.61
2007-08 NBA Chris Paul 17.31
2006-07 NBA Dirk Nowitzki 15.91
2005-06 NBA Dirk Nowitzki 17.18
2004-05 NBA Dirk Nowitzki 15.90
2003-04 NBA Kevin Garnett 18.10
2002-03 NBA Tracy McGrady 16.48
2001-02 NBA Tim Duncan 17.68
2000-01 NBA Shaquille O'Neal 15.02
1999-00 NBA Shaquille O'Neal 18.70
1998-99 NBA Karl Malone 9.41
1997-98 NBA Karl Malone 16.15
1996-97 NBA Michael Jordan 18.27
1995-96 NBA Michael Jordan 20.27
1994-95 NBA David Robinson 17.78
1993-94 NBA David Robinson 18.94
1992-93 NBA Michael Jordan 16.48
1991-92 NBA Michael Jordan 17.31
1990-91 NBA Michael Jordan 19.84
1989-90 NBA Michael Jordan 18.68
1988-89 NBA Michael Jordan 19.08
1987-88 NBA Michael Jordan 20.35
1986-87 NBA Michael Jordan 16.05
1985-86 NBA Larry Bird* 15.67
1984-85 NBA Larry Bird* 15.59
1983-84 NBA Adrian Dantley* 15.11
1982-83 NBA Moses Malone* 15.04
1981-82 NBA Moses Malone* 14.86
1980-81 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar* 14.38
1979-80 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar* 14.98
1978-79 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar* 14.40
1977-78 NBA David Thompson* 12.91
1976-77 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar* 17.45
1975-76 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar* 17.32
ABA Julius Erving* 17.54
1974-75 NBA Bob McAdoo* 18.31
ABA Julius Erving* 17.62
1973-74 NBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar* 18.00
ABA Julius Erving* 16.87

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Wow, I didn't know Nash was in the 2005 and 2006 Finals (obvious typo)