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01-02-2009, 04:32 PM
Boston has homecourt Advantage

Boston Celtics Writeup:

PG: Jason Kidd - Brevin Knight
SG: Richard Hamilton - Courtney Lee
SF: Quentin Richardson - Julian Wright
PF: Carlos Boozer - Darius Songalia
C: Emeka Okafor - Johan Petro

New Jersey Nets Writeup:

PG: Derek Fisher | Jordan Farmer
SG: Ray Allen | Willie Green
SF: Josh Howard | Antoine Wright
PF: Leon Powe | Hakim Warrick
C: Dwight Howard |Mikki Moore

Boston Celtics Writeup:

This Boston Celtic team is exactly that a TEAM. Coach Hayden stresses team plays and it shows in our game. This team is very versatile with Jason Kidd running the show and two very mobile bigs like Okafor and Boozer this team can play both up tempo and half court ball although we will play mostly half court. Our top two scorers will be Hamilton (17.2ppg) and Boozer (20.5ppg) which is a very good inside outside combo. Jason Kidd(8.5apg) is the perfect pg for this team, there is no one in the game better suited for running this offense. Kidd will be perfect for setting up Hamilton who will be flying off picks left and right and Boozer who is used to playing pick and roll in Utah. Surrounding Kidd, Hamilton and Boozer are Sharpshooter Quentin Richardson and a great all around big and defensive stud Emeka Okafor. These two players compliment my big 3 very well. Quentin Richardson will thrive in this offense as the 4/5 option. With Jason Kidds penetration and kick outs or Boozer being doubled in the post or Hamilton being doubled off picks Quentin will get wide open 3s all night long. Emeka Okafor (14ppg) who can score on his own will thrive off of easy buckets from Kidd Hamilton and Boozer. On offense Okafor’s main job will be setting great picks for Hamilton and Kidd so he will score off pick and rolls, and rebounding which is what Okafor is best at. With Kidd the best rebounding pg perhaps ever, okafor(11rpg) and Boozer(11.7rpg) this team will never get out rebounded, so that means NO second chances every team is one and done.


Against the nets our match ups will look like this

Jason Kidd >>> Derek Fisher

In this series Jason Kidd will be able to get where ever he wants. This will make for easy buckets for Hamilton, and Qrich and Boozer on kick outs or Okafor and Boozer on dishes down low when people come to stop his penetration. On defense its very simple for Kidd to guard Fisher… STAY ON HIM Derek Fisher will not be getting wide open 3s

Richard Hamilton = Ray Allen

This matchup is a wash. Although Ray Allen is a better shooter Hamilton is the better defender so this will help offset this. Hamilton has the edge when it comes to mid range shots. Theres really not much else to say these guys are basicly the same player except for what I just mentioned…

Quentin Richardson < Josh Howard

This matchup goes to the nets. But Josh Howard is a below avg defender, I think Qrich will have a great series. On D Josh Howard will be so worried about Hamilton coming off screens stopping kidds penetration or helping Powe guard boozer in the post that Qrich will be wide open most of the time anyway. And we all know if there’s anything Qrich is good at its shooting so Qrich will have a good series here.

Boozer >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Leon Powe

I should put more > but wed be here forever…. Leon Powe has no chance in this matchup. He doesn’t have the quickness to keep up with boozer when he faces up and he doesn’t have the strength to keep him out of the paint. So lets go over this again Boozer has the size strength quickness and talent edge over Powe. Boozer is a 20ppg 10rpg allstar pf while Powe is an undersized bench player not worth of starting on any team at the pf spot. This matchup will take place Dwight Howard will not guard Boozer. I say this because as part of our game plan not only will we be setting picks for Hamilton and Kidd but we will be doing the same for Boozer down in the post. Jerry Sloan is famous for this. This way if they decide to put Howard on Boozer we put Boozer away from the ball in the post then have him come off a pick set by Okafor coming to the ball so Howard and Powe are going to HAVE to switch… if they don’t its going to be a dunk every time. Boozer WILL go off in this series vs. Leon Powe.

Howard >>> Okafor

This matchup will go to the nets but do NOT in any way thing that Howard will “ go off” in this series. Okafor is one of the best low post defenders in the NBA and he will hold his own. Also with Leon Powe being the closest thing to a big man starter they got left we will gamble off of Leon Powe, so when Okafor does need help boozer will be there. Kidd and Hamilton will stay with Fisher and Allen because we are not letting this be a shoot out. When Okafor is on offense he is going to score off of easy buckets because Howard is the only thing on their team that can block shots, so when he steps up to cut off Jason Kidd Hamilton or Boozer when they beat their man Okafor is going to be there for the easy dish and the clean up rebounds when Howard is out of position.

Offensive Strategy :

Jason Kidd will run this show. He’s a great distributor and can get by Fisher all day so pick and rolls with Okafor and Boozer will play a big part. Boozer and Okafor will get a ton of easy baskets this way. If they stay with the man setting the pick Kidd will get to the hoop when ever he wants so either Kidd is getting a lay up or Hamilton or Qrich’s man will rotate over which will leave someone open on the perimeter. Another big part of our offense will be Hamilton coming off of screens. Hamilton is the best off screen shooter in the NBA and will score a ton doing this. Hamilton will also get involved in the pick and roll game as well. Hamilton has good handles and is a willing passer so pick ur poison here. If you hedge the screen Hamilton will find the open man. You go underneath it Hamilton is deadly from midrange, you chase him over the screen Hamilton get his choice of a pull up or drive to the hoop where he can kick it to an open man if you rotate to him. Another big part of our offense will be Boozer. We can dump it down to Boozer and let him go to work on Leon Powe all day long. Boozer WILL matchup with Leon Powe because even if the Nets say Howard will guard Boozer our team is going start Boozer away from the ball then have him come off a pick to the ball that is set by Okafor. Howard and Leon will have no choice but to switch because if they don’t and Howard tries to fight through the pick Boozer is going to get some easy baskets. We can do a pick and roll with Boozer and Hamilton or Boozer and Kidd or we can do pick and pop since Boozer has a good jump shot from 18ft. Qrich and Okafor will be the beneficiary of all the attention Kidd Hamilton and Boozer will get. If you decide to zone in on these 3 Qrich will burn you from 3 and Okafor will be throwing down easy dunks.

Defensive Strategy:

Defensively our match ups will be the same as the ones above. Kidd will guard Fisher, Hamilton will guard Allen, Qrich will guard Josh Howard, Boozer will guard Powe and Okafor will guard Howard. In our defense Kidd and Hamilton are not allowed to come off there men. We will not let Allen and Fisher beat us with the 3 , they’re gonna have to create their own shots. If they want to run Ray Allen and Fisher off pick we will hedge so they can not get an open look. Our defense will then rotate away from Leon Powe so that Howard is covered making Powe try to beat us When Dwight Howard gets the ball in the post if we feel he is starting to beat us help will come from Boozer and we will make Leon Powe try and beat us. Help will sometimes also come from Qrich who will leave Josh Howard because he shoots less than 30% from 3. The focus of this team will be to make Josh Howard and Leon Powe beat us and we know they can NOT do that.

Bench: I feel that my bench matches up strongly with the nets. Although we are very confident in our benches play, we will play like the 2008 Celtics. Meaning one of our big 3 Kidd Hamilton or Boozer will always be on the floor to garuntee scoring production.

Knight vs Farmar- This is a matchup of pgs who are the exact opposite. Farmar is strictly offensive while Knight is a Defensive distributor. We think that knight(4ppg 3.5apg) will shut down farmar and he will have no impact on this series. Knight will also come off the bench for Kidd keeping the distribution theme we have at pg going so Hamilton and Boozer can still get easy buckets off of picks and pick and rolls.

Courtney Lee vs Willie Green- These players are basicly the same. Offensive minded, both very good shooters Courtney lee(5.6ppg 3pt% 42) is Green in the early stages of his career. While talent wise I think its even experience goes to Green.

Julian Wright vs. Antoine Wright- Both of these players are there for energy play this matchup is a wash

Songalia vs. Hakim Warrick Warrick wins this matchup he is more athletically gifted than songalia but songalia(6.2ppg 2.3rpg) is very skilled offensively so he will get some points off the bench

Johan Petro vs. Mikki Moore- Petro(5ppg 5rpg) wins this matchup mikki moore had one above avg season with the nets wen his minutes almost doubled. Other than that the guy is really a high energy and very unkilled player. Petro will put a body on him and wont allow him to try and get offensive boards. Petro is much tougher and will win this matchup

New Jersey did not send in a writeup.

01-02-2009, 04:34 PM
So just out of curiousity, where did the Boston GM get the idea that Josh Howard was a "below average defender"?

His defense is what earned him minutes on the Mavs in the first place to show his all around game. He is a good defender.

01-02-2009, 04:34 PM
for all of u who dont know who coach hayden is... check the sig...

01-02-2009, 04:37 PM
Celtics, Powe is going to get killed by Boozer.

01-02-2009, 04:47 PM
Celtics, Powe is going to get killed by Boozer.meh

01-02-2009, 04:50 PM
Powe is ok, and Howard would prolly cover Booz on D...but still Boston should win

01-02-2009, 05:15 PM
Both of these teams are nicely built, but Im going with the Celtics here.

01-02-2009, 05:36 PM
Howard is one of the best post defenders in the league. Stick him on Boozer for a 7 game series and I doubt he would achieve his season numbers for most of the games in the series, if at all. The Nets defense is superior to the Celtics, but the Nets offense doesn't look nearly as fluid as they don't have a single legit playmaker on the team.

With Dwight limiting Boozer and his presence creating looks for shooters like Fisher and Farmar and scorers like Josh Howard and Allen, I actually think they could get away with a more still offense. Allen, Howard, Fisher, and Farmar aren't playmakers but they're all willing passers.

It's really close and I like both teams, but I think the Nets take it in 7.

01-02-2009, 05:41 PM
If the Lakers "soft D" can shut down boozer, why couldn't this frontcourt?

01-02-2009, 05:54 PM
I like the Nets here. Bench is better, and I just think that their team is better all-around. I do think its close, though and both GMs did a great job. Congrats to both of you.

01-02-2009, 06:29 PM
Dwight Howard is taking his game to the next stratusphere this year. 20 points 14 boards 4 blocks. DAMN! Quentin Richardson is ATROCIOUS. He's a shell of the player he was in LA or Phoenix. He hurt is back and hasn't been the same. I don't care he's putting up 12 points and 5 boards. It's cuz he's playing 30 minutes in a Mike D offense. I WATCH EVERY GAME. Ask any Knicks fan. We're sick of him. He's a trainwreck.

Josh Howard would destroy him everygame. I like how the Nets have Hakim Warrick and Mikki Moore too. They have depth at the frontcourt. I think we all know when Petro comes in it's gonna get ugly. Petro has 5 blocks... ON THE SEASON. Forget about Dwight, even Powe could back him down in the post like it's nothin.

Nets in 6.

01-02-2009, 06:59 PM
I think Nets win. As Howard is dominating the paint, once the double comes, he could kick it out to reliable shooters. Plus, Howard can create for himself when he has too. Last, I feel they have a deeper bench.

*Voted on "GMs click here" by accident! My bad! Supposed to vote for the Nets.. :(

01-02-2009, 08:08 PM
i guess no1 reads the write up... cuz i adressed all of those issues that people brought up...

01-02-2009, 08:39 PM
i guess no1 reads the write up... cuz i adressed all of those issues that people brought up...

I read your writeup. You think Q-Rich is almost as good as Josh "Below Average Defense" Howard. That alone proves how out of touch you are with this series.

01-02-2009, 08:45 PM
I voted Boston....go Cs

01-02-2009, 10:53 PM
celtics in 7 imo

01-03-2009, 04:12 AM
I read your writeup. You think Q-Rich is almost as good as Josh "Below Average Defense" Howard. That alone proves how out of touch you are with this series.

u cant read then...

01-03-2009, 04:17 AM
i guess no1 reads the write up... cuz i adressed all of those issues that people brought up...

No, I read your write up, but I disagree with some things you said in it. And regardless of what your take on the series is, that doesn't make it correct. You can say things are going to be executed and done a certain way, but I have a hard time believing that will be the actual outcome.

01-03-2009, 01:01 PM
I voted for the Celtics, mostly because I've never been a fan of Fisher as a starting PG, unless you have a Kobe like player who can run the floor. I just really love the Celtics frontcourt, combined with an experienced back court. And I really don't like Powe as a staring PF. He's more of a high energy bench player. You honestly expect a guy who averages 15 minutes a game to start against this monster front court? I don't like that matchup. Dwight can't guard Boozer and Okafor at the same time.

Still, even with the little issues, I see this as a really close series. The two Howards and Allen alone, are a deadly trio, not too far removed from the real life Boston Celtics trio. The difference is that I don't see a legit ball handler on that Nets team. So, who dishes out to Fisher and Allen for the open 3? Who feeds the beast down low? Who penetrates and makes room for Josh Howard's mid range game? Nobody.

Celtics in 6.