View Full Version : Not a cap; but, a reasonable solution to salary issues.

12-24-2008, 05:55 AM
I can understand fans of many teams being offended by the spending of my Yankees this offseason. I mean if your a Red Sox, Braves, Nats or pretty much any small market team your disapointed that seemingly the only team making moves is the Yankees and we have spent more on three players then many teams payrolls for the upcoming year.

That being recognized I cannot see how a salary cap would be entirely fair. The nfl has great parody in a league where anyone can win any given year; but, my Jacksonville Jaguars in a city of 700,000 people which frequently has to black out games locally probably shouldnt be competitive with the biggest markets with the largest fan bases. The Yankees and other higher end spending clubs pay the luxury tax and by so doing help finance many small market teams. These owners in turn pocket the money anually and do nothing seemligly to put a better product on the field to build interest for the fans. This to me seems just a tad more greedy by an owner then spending the money on bringing in talent but, thats just my opinion.

What I propose is to make it easier for clubs across the league to resign home grown stars and key free agents by instituting a maximum salary like in the NBA. Obviously it would have to be tweaked for use in baseball; but, if we look at the upcoming free agency of say LeBron James. It will not come down to who is willing to mortgage the entire team to sign James; but, what team he actually wants to play for and that team could be Cleveland. The problem with a salary cap is wheoever signs the next Arod in the upcoming years will effectivly be ruining their chance of actually building a team around this player. If there was simply a maximum allowed for each player to make team who were willing to spend a little more could be more competitive every year. Agents would no longer be able to hold the game hostage at the winter meetings. Trades would be easier to make (honestly, who doesn't love a big trade in the middle of summer). In essence your making the game more exciting for everyone.

If you want to level the playing field further only allow a finite number of "maximum salary" free agents to be signed by one team. This still rewards the fans in bigger markets and solid investment by the ownership and prevents buying the championship.

Any thoughts?