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Raps08-09 Champ
12-19-2008, 10:29 PM
If you want, you can make atleast a 3 team trade. No 4 teams

I offer this:

http://games.espn.go.com/nba/features/traderesult?players=3190~3455~3039~3242~1828~2004~ 2387~512~2987~2433~2010~635~1023&teams=28~28~20~28~28~28~28~9~9~9~20~20~9&te=&cash=

Main players involved: Randolph, Bargnani, Wright, Humpries, Green, Evans, Parker, Kapono

All get what they need

GS needs PF/C badly, raps need wingmen and 76ers need 3point shooting


C- O'Neal, Evans, Voshkul
PF-Bosh, Wright, Jawai
SF-Moon, Randolph, Graham
SG-Green, Belinelli,
PG-Calderon, Ukic, Ivey
__________________________________________________ _______________
C- Beindris, Turiaf,
PF- Bargnani, Humpries, Marshall
SF- Jackson, Magette, Kutz
SG-Crawford, Azubuike, Nelson
PG-Ellis, Morrow, Watson, Solomon
__________________________________________________ _________________
C- Dalembert, Ratliff, Smith
PF-Brand, Speights,
SF-Young, Kapono, Rush
SG-Iggy, Parker
PG-Miller, Lou, Williams


C-Dalembert, Ratliff, Smith
PF-Brand, Speights
SF- Igggy, Young,
SG-Parker, Kapono, Rush
PG-Miller, Lou, Williams

I think its even

Whats your offers?

12-20-2008, 01:10 AM
raptors rape this deal the warriors give up 3 young former first rounders for nobodys an Bargnani who has not lived up to his pick yet no deal

12-21-2008, 03:56 AM
raps rape in this deal

12-21-2008, 05:48 AM
Horrible. You need a deal which the Raptors don't absolutely win.

Wright > Bargnani
Randolph > Humphries
Bellinelli > Solomon

Raps08-09 Champ
12-21-2008, 10:31 AM
Horrible. You need a deal which the Raptors don't absolutely win.

Wright > Bargnani
Randolph > Humphries
Bellinelli > Solomon

GS actually gets players that they can use

12-21-2008, 12:36 PM
Marion for Randolph. Unfortunately Marion's salary is 10x Randolph's. It's hard to match the salaries and I don't want to take any high-paid players from GS. The deal must involve a 3rd team. I'm working on it

12-21-2008, 06:19 PM
GS actually gets players that they can use

We CAN use the players we have, it's just our coach hasn't come around to the idea.

12-22-2008, 01:56 PM
Let's Make A Deal: There are just 59 days until the NBA trade deadline. With the clock ticking down, more and more teams are starting to entertain more "serious" trade talks. Here are the teams who seem more interested in making a deal, and some of the players they are shopping:
Charlotte: The Charlotte Bobcats are one of the more aggressive shoppers in the league right now, they are trying to get Larry Brown players more to his liking and word is they would trade just about anyone on the roster not named DJ Augustin. The prime guys being shopping appear to be Raymond Felton, who according to some near the situation would welcome a fresh start with another team. The other Charlotte players being shopped include Adam Morrison, a player with almost no trade value as well as Big Sean May, who could have the worst trade value on the team. The Bobcats have a number of guys no one wants, so the idea of them finding a splashy trade seems fairly remote, but that has not stopped them from going after deals. Expect the Cats to trigger at least one more move before the February 19th trade deadline, and expect the deal to involve moving out Raymond Felton.

Sacramento: The Sacramento Kings are also being aggressive in talks, more or less trying to establish value on Brad Miller. The Kings are also open to moving John Salmons, who may be the more impressive chip the Kings have to cash. The Kings are looking to re-tool this summer so ending deals matter more than talent, although sources close to the situation say picking up a young guy still on a rookie deal with upside might be enticing enough to get the Kings to move. The Kings are trying to package Brad Miller with Kenny Thomas, and were linked to the Miami HEAT's Shawn Marion although it seems there may not be enough interest from the HEAT to get that deal done. The scenario that seems most appealing to the Kings would be swapping Brand Miller and Kenny Thomas to the Cavaliers for the ending contract of Wally Szczerbiak and impressive rookie J.J. Hickson. The Cavs have maintained almost no interest in making a deal, but adding an experienced offensive threat in the frontcourt like Miller might be an interesting upgrade for the Cavs, if they decide to make a move. Moving J.J. Hickson might not be smart in the long term, even though Brad Miller might cement a NBA Finals run and give the Cavs much needed depth at the center position.

Oklahoma City: The Thunder are going nowhere quickly, and like the Kings are looking to turn some of their more veteran players into future flexibility and assets. Joe Smith, Chris Wilcox and Earl Watson are all rumored to be available, but sources close to the situation say the Thunder are not looking at long term deals, unless its to acquire a legit future all-star type player. Smith could be a very interesting piece for a playoff team, sources close to the situation say Smith was virtually guaranteed he'd be moved by the trade deadline. The Thunder have been thoroughly impressed with Smith's professionalism so far this season. The Raptors, Magic and HEAT could do a lot worse – all three are rumored to have taken a pass at Smith and the Thunder.

Golden State: Add the Golden State Warriors to the imploding fast, list… The Warriors are not only a bad team, but the chemistry and unity in the locker room appears to be at an all-time low. By contrast the Warriors were one of the tighter groups last year, just goes to show that roster moves do not always make a team better. The Warriors are rumored to be shopping rookie Anthony Randolph and second year player Brendan Wright; both players are firmly in Don Nelson's doghouse. Free agent acquisition Corey Maggette is not too far behind those guys, but reports of a slightly torn Hamstring may limit what teams would offer for an injured Maggette who is in the first year of a five-year $50 million deal. The Warriors have engaged some talks with teams about Marco Belinelli, but seem less interested in moving Marco these days as he is starting to find a role in Nelson's system.

Toronto: The Raptors are shopping for upgrades and are looking for swing players and possibly a backup point guard. The Raptors have also been linked to rebounders and might be a team in the hunt for OKC's Chris Wilcox, although it seems Joe Smith might be the guy they are targeting. The Raptors are rumored to be shopping Anthony Parker who has struggled this year, as well as Andrea Bargnani, although sources close to the team say Bryan Colangelo is not ready to give up on "Bargs" just yet. Raptor sources admit he might be one of the few attractive chips the Raptors have to cash, but he appears to be a last-option type guy. The Raptors might be best suited offering up a Bargnani package and a first round draft pick to the Sacramento Kings for John Salmons. The Kings' swingman might be exactly what the Raptors are missing.

There are several other teams looking for deals including the Knicks and the Wizards but neither seems close to anything serious. The Orlando Magic may be buyers towards the deadline, but Magic GM Otis Smith seems more than happy with his roster so do not look for Orlando to get too crazy, despite reportedly having JJ Redick and Brian Cook on the market.

Reading The HEAT: The Miami HEAT are a tough read according to one league executive. Pointing to the fact that Pat Riley is now calling the shots almost exclusively saying the team is really tough to read because of Riley's guarded approach to information. The HEAT have the ending contract of Shawn Marion as their biggest trade chip to cash, but word from Miami is as the team continues to win games and field offers on Marion, nothing is coming in that's exciting the HEAT enough to openly consider a deal. Marion continues to tell inquiring reporters that from everything he has heard from the HEAT they are planning for him to be on the roster in Miami until July and have hinted at wanting to talk new deal this summer. Marion's biggest value to the HEAT may be as a sign and trade chip this summer, and the HEAT seem more and more likely to hang onto Marion rather than make a deal that's not in Miami's best interest moving forward.

What's Wrong With The Lakers?: The LA Lakers have lost two straight games going into to tonight's game against the Grizzlies. Unless the Lakers really implode or the Grizzlies really show up huge the losing streak should end at two games tonight, but that won't erase the concern from the Lakers faithful that this Lakers team may not have enough to compete over the long haul. Sources close to the Lakers explained this weekend that while its easy to forget this is the same Lakers team that few expected to get to the NBA Finals last year, and despite their conference leading 21-5 record, The Lakers are still a very young team and are asking younger – less experienced guys to be far more consistent on a nightly basis than they have proven to capable of. The source went on to explain that they are still trying to find a rhythm and that the roster and rotation at the end of the season may not look like the roster and rotation today as guys get more time in the system. There have been rumblings that the Lakers might trigger a roster tweak, maybe at the expense of Sasha Vujic, who signed a new deal with the Lakers this past summer. Lakers sources said if Mitch Kupcak was indeed looking at a trade, no one is hearing that inside the organization, but pointed out that the Pau Gasol deal last year came out of nowhere, so anything is possible. The Lakers have two very interesting trade chips in the ending contracts of Lamar Odom and that of Trevor Ariza. Both players are likely seeking larger deals this off-season than the Lakers may be willing to pay, and with guys like John Salmons and Gerald Wallace on the market, both players could be offensive upgrades for the Lakers. The Lakers continue to say publicly that continuity matters more than roster tweaks. The Lakers have lost 3 of their last ten games and are still on pace to win more than 66 games on the season, which would be 80% of their remaining 56 regular season games. The temptation to trade would obviously change if the Lakers continue to struggle in December.


A random trade (very unrealistic. I'm working on a better one though)

http://games.espn.go.com/nba/features/traderesult?players=3190~2751~497~3455~3242~125~19 3~312~510~2753~2776~3016&teams=30~12~30~14~30~14~9~14~9~9~12~12&te=&cash=

The Warriors also receive a first round pick from the Bobcats and 2nd round pick from the Heat

The Heat get a defensive big man in Camby and a great replacement for Marion in Randolph

C- Camby
PF- Beasley/Haslem
SF- Randolph
SG- Wade
PG- Chalmers

The Warriors get Marion who might fit in their system and a great playmaker in Felton. They also dump some big contracts and unwanted players. Great way to rebuild

C- Briedrins
PF- Marion
SF- Jackson
SG- Crawford
PG- Felton

The Clippers get a combo guard in Ellis who will fill in their weekest position

C- Kaman
PF- Randolph
SF- Thornton
SG- Ellis
PG- Davis

I'm not sure about the Bobcats' part (or what type of players Brown needs) but they do dump their 3 unwanted players and gain a scorer in Maggette to replace Richardson and 2 solid young players

C- Okafor
PF- Diaw
SF- Wallace
SG- Maggette
PG- Augustin