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Jack Tucker
12-19-2008, 06:03 PM
Dec 22 AT Denver Nuggets

After a short home stand, topped off by Brandon Roys 52 point effort in our victory over the Suns Thursday night, our road warriors travel to Kobes least favorite NBA town to take on the Denver Nuggets. The following night both teams will meet again in the Rose Garden.

Gametime is 6 pm Pacific time. If you don't have Comcast, no worries. You can still watch. This game will be televised locally on KGW-TV, Channel 8 in Portland.

Projected starters
Portland Trailblazers
Steve Blake -PG
Brandon Roy-SG
Nic Batum-SF
LaMarcus Aldridge-PF
Greg Oden-Center

Projected starters
Denver Nuggets
Chauncey Billups-PG
Dahntay Jones-SG
Carmello Anthony-SF
Kenyon Martin-PF

Will coach McMillan use the same rotation against the Nuggets he used against the Suns? For the Suns game Channing Fryes minutes went to Ike Diogu, who rebounded well and played tough during his brief stints of PT, while Channing kept a spot on the bench warm. Speculation abounds around whether Frye has found his way into Nates doghouse. Diogu is being showcased for a trade, Channing is being held out because he could be gone in a couple of days, or maybe Nate is just trying something different. I think the last case scenario is the most likely out of those mentioned above.

The Nuggets have come on strong since the return of hometown favorite Chauncey Billups. BIllups has been the answer to Coach George Karls prayers. The team has been playing much better since AI left town and currently sits atop the NW Division. Deke Mutombo is searching for a team to end this season and his career with. Rumor has it he would like that team to be the Nuggets. Maybe there will be a seven foot surprise waitng for the Blazers when they get off the plane.

The win against Phoenix Thursday night in the Rose Garden was a big win for this team and I am looking forward to seeing them take that attitude on the road for another test in Denver. Whether we get schooled or the Nuggets find this years Trailblazer team much better than expected, both teams will have a chance to go at it again the following night in Portland. They play each other back to back.

Jack Tucker
12-22-2008, 03:19 PM
UPDATE: Nuggets announced today Carmello Anthony will miss both games against the Blazers due to an elbow injury.