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12-17-2008, 01:52 AM
Dear Mr. Angelos,
For the last three-years I have waited with my credit card in hand through the free agent period just waiting to purchase season tickets. After each of the winter meetings I throw my mastercard on the floor in disgust and eventually pick it up and put it back into my wallet. You see, Mr. Angelos, I have been an Oriole's fan since I can remember and I remember very distinctly Memorial Stadium and then at the Yard a full stadium with fans that loved their Oriole's. I want those days back more than you can understand. In the two games I visited the yard last year, I witnessed more fans of the opposing team that I did Oriole fans. Did you see this? Did YOU even attend the games?

Now for those that say a true fan would go anyway, please. I still watched them on TV and felt frightened those few times we had a lead going into the late innings. I recognize that Cal retired and no player will have the ability to single-handedly fill the seats as Cal did. I still wear my Oriole's jacket and hat and I still hope we win 100 games each year and come away world series champs.

I live close to Philly and cannot stand the team. The majority of my friends are Philly fans and I have to say, Mr. Angelos, that I want to experience what they experienced in winning the world championship and the celebration the city experienced.

Now I am not naive enough to expect us to win the division title each year. Hell, I would be happy with a competitive full season and I understand that this takes time. But how long?

I remember when Brian Roberts was one of the exciting prospects the team was going to build around. Well, I am not sure we are any better than we were at that point.

Mr. Angelos, I still have my mastercard in hand...

12-17-2008, 12:40 PM
Dear Mr. Angelos,

Will you please sell the Baltimore Orioles to someone who actually wants to compete? I hear GM after GM and coach after coach say that you are a dedicated owner, who is dedicated towards winning. However, I can't help but disagree.

You don't listen to your GM/GM's. You wouldn't approve the trading of Brian Roberts. We all know of your man crush, but when we were offered such heavy packages for him, we should have pulled that trigger.

You won't spend the money to compete with the Yankees, Sox, or Blue Jays. You said that after our media contract you would start spending money again. However, that has simply not been the case. Not even for a fan favorite (who's never even played here) Tex.

You have turned this franchise into a joke of the league. We're starting to get into the Pirates and Royals talks. Fans have protested by having walkouts.

Baltimore/Washington have a large amount of people moving to the area each and every year. A lot of those people have never had a home town team to root for. For example, in my own workplace (small sample size I know) I have had SEVERAL people move from Hawaii, West Virginia, and Ohio (Sorry Cleveland) and they knew how excited our office was to go to different games. They all became Nationals fans....NATIONALS FANS!!!

They all now own Nationals cups, and shirts, and magnets because they saw the excitement that the Nationals had, and ALL the negative energy from being an Orioles fan. I even tried to explain our history, and took them to games. However the games were surrounded by Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and others. AND THEY WEREN'T EVEN PLAYING THOSE TEAMS. It sucks to not have a hometeam, in my home town. I had to sit next to rows and rows of Red Sox fans when they came to town.

As a HUGE Orioles fan last year, I went to more Nationals games last year than the Orioles. My heart wasn't broken when they lost.

I know that you have a background in law, and you can probably argue whatever point you want. But will you get the point that you are not wanted? I should have guessed that you would be a liar, but the Baltimore Fans are sick.

I'll do my part and show up to games, with my jersey and hat, and would probably even buy season tickets if you just gave us something to root for.

Orioles fan since 83.

12-17-2008, 01:05 PM
Those two previous notes were excellently written, and reflect my sentiments exactly. I have been an Orioles' fan since the early 70's (after the Senators moved to Texas), and used to go to many games. I own lots of Orioles' paraphinalea, and watch them on TV. But I can't take this any more. I hear this morning that the O's are falling behind the other teams in the bidding for Tex, and I can only think "How typical." I don't even know why I got my hopes up.

Mr. Angelos, you have driven away even the most avid fans. Rooting for the Orioles is joyless. Will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sell the team so that we can have our team back. You've held it hostage, you'll make huge bucks when you sell them (which you can add to all of your asbestos-driven earnings). I can no longer endure the pain that you have inflicted on me.

I hear that you have three times as much money as George Steinbrenner. You had a once-proud franchise that drew over 3-million fans a year. Why are you unwilling to compete with the Yankees??? You have lost for 11 straight years. Please fire yourself. If you have a thread of decency, go away and never come back. You have ruined too many summers and too many hopes.

If you don't leave, you must just be a mean person.

12-17-2008, 01:33 PM
Dear Mr. Angelos,

How about spending some of that $150MM on upgrading the "whole team" instead of making the Orioles just like the Rangers with A. Rod.?

One "great" player is not going to make this team on par with the Red Sox, Yankees, or even the Rays.

The only thing paying for Teixeira does is get the O's out of 5th and into 4th place.

12-17-2008, 02:09 PM
Dear Everyone who has posted,

It would be a great day in Baltimore if Angelos sold the team. It would be even a better day if Ripken was the one who bought it. Here's to wishful thinking, because it's not going to happen.

P.S. INFECTED-Tex may not help us compete this year, or maybe even next year. However, this team will be competing by 2011, and who else would be better to anchor down the middle of that lineup, then the Maryland native himself, Mark Teixeira?

12-17-2008, 02:16 PM
Dear Previous poster,

I know that the likelyhood of Angelos staying. I don't need your help. But I don't exactly feel like working because I during my self appointed break I saw that the O's are not likely to sign Tex. It hurt my feelings and I wanted to type about it publicly.

It just so happened that there was a letter to Angelos that I felt like writing. And it actually made me feel better. So I did at least 20 minutes of work. Until I for some reason I was wishing for a glimmer of hope that the O's upped their offer.

They didn't and I resorted back to my letter....my fake letter that allows me to say what I want.

12-17-2008, 02:36 PM
Tex would bring something to root for.

12-17-2008, 03:55 PM
Dude I wasn't comming at you when I posted that. I'm just as pissed as the next O's fan about Angelos. I was just merely saying that it's pretty much wishful thinking on everyone's part. Be easy

12-17-2008, 04:11 PM
No biggie at all, I tried to add humor (maybe not my best) to show that I was not working and instead pissed that the O's suck year in and year out. I liked it better when we were bigger in free agency. Or at least when we had a chance.

12-17-2008, 06:50 PM
I just don't get Angelos. He will give Albert Belle 13 a year back in 98 but only give Tex 7 mill more? Just doesn't make sense. We have had to prolly make some of the worse transactions the past decade. It's sad watching a game in August and seeing 95% of the seats empty. Something has got to be done. Our farm system is starting to shape up but we can't really on that to fill every hole. I remember when I use to take pride in being an O's fan. Don't get me wrong I still love the O's to death but its embarrassing comming in 4th and 5th place every year.

12-17-2008, 07:33 PM
Angelos isn't going anywhere. Obviously, I'm not his biggest fan - but he isn't the anti-christ we make him out to be. This team has acquired it's share of players, and no, it didn't always work out, but that's the way things go.

We did a poor job drafting players, we were late to the international market, and we tried to hold onto our core players in the late-nineties instead of trading them. Mussina should have never made it to free agency in an Oriole uniform, not when we knew he'd leave. The same could be said of Kevin Brown. What about Jamie Moyer or Roberto Alomar? We knew Palmeiro was going to go back to Texas, but Angelos was trying to put together a winner and refused to cash out. As a result, we went broke at the table.

Albert Belle's contract was a disaster, but there was no way he could've predicted that. We were ALL happy to see him arrive in Baltimore. Angelos used to be a hero, and while I don't like him, it isn't all his fault. Try laying a little blame at Pat Gillick's feet, or Jim Beattie, or, well you get the idea...

I'm willing to go 60% Angelos' fault. I'm feeling generous today, and I'll drop the number if he lets MacPhail run the organization like he promised. The Orioles will spend again, and people will see that it's not a small market team - but we need to improve drastically first. Remember, we used to have the highest payroll in the game - and we know he's willing to spend money on garbage - so stingy isn't the best criticism. STUPID, I'll go with that...

12-17-2008, 07:58 PM
If he throws some cash at Tex I will view Angelos in a completely different way