View Full Version : LAL & Det

12-15-2008, 01:53 PM
I believe this is a plausible trade that both teams get what they are currently looking for.

LAL: Lamar Odom to DET: Prince & Kwame

Obviously talent wise, DET may not want to do this. But here is the thing. Since the Iverson trade, it is becoming obvious that Detroit will not contend. They did that trade to get cap space for the next couple of years, probably for 2010. If they did this trade, they would be 40 million below the cap next year. Come 2010, they could afford to sign 2 superstars, namely, lebron and bosh, and still have hamilton stuckey, maxielle and other good players with them.

Lakers get the defender and true sf they need desperately in Prince. And kwame fits to make the trade work, come off the books for 4 mil this year and we can use him if need be to just be tough inside against the likes of perkins or someone.