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12-13-2008, 03:39 AM
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The player pair that is most effective for the bobcats

Gerald Wallace and Alexis Ajinca.

The team that scores the most from 3pt land.

You guessed it the New York Knicks at 32.2 pts from 3 per game, almost 6 ppg more from 3 than the next closest team Orlando at 26.6

The team that scores the most on 2 pt jumpers.

The Dallas Mavericks. 35.4 ppg on 2pt jumpers

Followed closely by the Toronto Raptors. 33.4 ppg on 2 pt jumpers.

Interesting enough, 53% of Toronto's shots are 2pt jumpers. which leads the league by 4%

Utah and Denver take the points in the paint category both scoring 39.4 ppg in the paint.

Denver and the Lakers lead the league in dunks with 146 and 143 respectivley.

On average teams take 36% of all their field goals in the lane when they play us, thats the 7th highest percentage in the league.

For net PER for the PF position, meaning what teams PF hold their opponent to a lower PER while going for a higher PER to have the greatest net PER, the Cleveland Cavaliers have the highest net PER at +10.4 at the PF position, crazy.

12-13-2008, 05:48 AM
The Kings most efficient pair is...

Quincy Douby and Donte Greene. :laugh:
And that pretty much sums up their season so far.