View Full Version : need roster/trade advice

12-09-2008, 02:09 AM
i have a pretty stacked team, only 12 teams deep in the league and its a head to head league.

my roster consists of:

Derrick Rose
Joe Johnson
Kevin Durant
Lebron James
Tim Duncan
Zach Randolph
Paul Millsap (damn i wish boozer could get traded the way millsap is playing)
Jeff Green
Leandro Barbosa
Jamal Crawford
Chris Wilcox
Kenyon Martin
Gilbert Arenas (cant wait till he gets back from the injury!)

im waiting on waivers to pick up shaq for wilcox and need to know what are my weaknesses and what should i improve on. i think im pretty good at just about everything but maybe rebounds.

and i am sending a trade offer to another player in the league

i will be sending
Kevin Durant
Tim Duncan
Paul Millsap

he will be sending
Dwayne Wade
OJ Mayo
Udonis Haslem

do u think that is a good offer and would you do that trade if you were him?