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12-08-2008, 03:18 PM
n the National Basketball Association, superstar status is given to those who elevate their play in a gameís closing minutes, when the outcome is still in doubt.

Itís often forgotten that Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Bill Russell, all revered as all-time greats, missed more shots during their careers than they made. Their legacies are built largely on the reputation of carrying their team to victory in close and decisive games. Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six titles, Bird brought home three championships for the Boston Celtics and Russell captured 10 titles for the Celtics.

Since the NBA now imposes a stiff penalty of one dollar for each dollar a teamís payroll exceeds the leagueís tax threshold (amounting to roughly 61 percent of projected revenues, or $71 million this season), signing clutch performers to bargain deals provides valuable breathing room and is a priority for general managers who assemble team rosters. Clutch players can generate millions of dollars of profits for a team because of the extra cash playoff games generate from tickets, merchandise and advertising.


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Yeah, this is from like 4 days ago.

And I think it was all based on last year, so its not entirely accurate. I mean, not that clutch players come and go, but a couple years ago, people were talking about Melo as the most clutch guy. Don't hear that no more. Before last year hedo wouldn't have come up at all. And Hedo hasn't been particularly great this year. I don't know, I don't think the article is really all that worthwhile

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I'm not suprised of Manu being in there. Such a special player...still my fav in the league.