View Full Version : hall of famers still playing

12-06-2008, 03:28 AM
which players if they retired and stopped playing today, would be voted into the hall of fame? the locks are obviously duncan, shaq, KG, kobe, iverson and kidd... but from there it gets pretty debatable...

ray allen? paul pierce? ben wallace? carter? billups? mcgrady? yao? sam cassel? artest?dirk? manu? tony parker? nash? marion? baron davis? grant hill? has lebron already done enough?

personally idd vote for nash, billups, ray allen, pierce and ginobli and heres why:

nash: decent career numbers, 2 MVPs, he changed the way the game was played this decade to more uptempo and proved the value of a great point guard

billups: decent career numbers, finals MVP, best player on a team that went to ECF 6 times in a row and won a championship

ray allen: excellent career numbers, best pure shooter of his generation, key to boston winning the championship

pierce: excellent career numbers, finals MVP and arguably the best player on boston's championship team

ginobli: decent career numbers, 6th man of the year, ultimate profesional and team player, key component of 3 of the spurs' 4 championships, great international success

12-06-2008, 03:44 AM
besides duncan, shaq, KG, kobe, iverson and kidd, only steve nash comes into mind. the hall of fame is a joke anyways so i dont see why the others mentioned wont get in.