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12-05-2008, 06:28 AM
I am stealing this little anaylsis from here (http://www.portlandtrailbloggers.com/archives/1366/the-first-quarter-14-6/)...

Here is a analysis of the season I have found. It's pretty telling about how awesome the Blazers are doing this season.

Percent of Season Completed: 24.39%

Percent to 50 Wins: 28%

Percent to 45 Wins: 31.11%

Percent to 41 Wins: 35%

On Pace for: 56 Wins

Percent of Home Games Played: 17.07%

Percent of Road Games Played: 31.71%

A Look at Last Year: 8 - 12

Here is the full article, with a full breakdown and a player breakdown. (http://www.portlandtrailbloggers.com/archives/1366/the-first-quarter-14-6/)

12-05-2008, 01:20 PM
This is what scares me

The Bad:

Opponents Field Goal Percentage Rank: 20th in the NBA (45.87%)

Opponents Three Point Percentage Rank: 22nd in the NBA (41%)

Opponents Turnover Rank: 23rd in the NBA (13.8)

We have to get our defense under control and start slowing down teams.

12-05-2008, 01:27 PM
Thank you. I have been saying this all season. This is why i love Batum, he does the small things that makes this team succeed.

Nicolas Batum:

The impact that Batum has far outshines his mere 6 points and 3 rebounds per game. He plays limited minutes (16.8) but has provided a big spark of energy and hustle on multiple occasions. He goes for every loose ball, goes after any nearby rebound and has kept vital possessions alive when they count in the 2nd half. He will likely see a dramatic reduction in minutes once Webster returns, but he has had a huge impact in filling the void and more. I guess that is the beauty of Batum, he didn’t only fill a void for an injured player, he carved out a place of his own.