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12-04-2008, 11:53 PM
Even most basketball gurus don’t have a fighting chance in telling me who Vern Mikkelsen is without typing his name on Google.

So why the hell would Shaq feel inferior to this former NBA player? Well, Vern Mikkelsen is a 5-time world champion. Shaq has got bling on all his fingers but still has his thumb naked. Shaq’s thumb is the subordinate body part when compared to Vern Mikkelsen’s thumb. So as the increasingly bitter, decreasingly rational, late, irate and not so great Shaquille O’Neal continues his journey for that elusive 5th championship ring, I can’t help but wonder why the hell does it matter to Shaq so much?

I still remember watching a TNT post-game show a while back where Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith were reminiscing their careers, and Charles Barkley made fun of Kenny Smith being an average player at best. Kenny Smith quickly retorted by asking him how many rings he had. Charles Barkley, was unmercifully humbled, and quickly shut his mouth. After watching this, no longer could the question be directed to Shaq alone, but towards the entire NBA. Why the hell does it mean so much to be an NBA Champion?

Kenny Smith was nothing but a role player, he had a couple of good seasons in his career, but by no means were they with Houston in the mid-90s. For god sakes, all this man did was sit on his ***, bring Hakeem Gatorade, and shoot 3s. Why does he feel so special?

Why the hell do players like Sam Cassell and PJ Brown even bother joining the Celtics? Sam Cassell had plenty of playing time with the Clippers, and PJ Brown had a good time sitting on his Leopard-patterned couch in his glass-furniture living room watching Martin Scorsese movies while eating a juicy steak made by his European chef, using 100 dollar bills as napkins. Yet, they weren’t content with that surreal copious- envied reality, and preferred sitting on a bench, constantly hopping on planes with the team to watch them make baskets.

And then you have players like Jerry Stackhouse, Jason Kidd, and Earl Watson who apparently have no clue what the etiquette of signing a contract means, and in spite of being paid millions of dollars to play for the team they signed with (no one had a gun to their head), they still feel they need to be on a Contending team because they just want the bling on their fingers. F the journey. F the glory. F the loyalty. And F the sentimental value of winning that ring you worked hard for, they just want to show off the bling and call themselves Champions. Where in the contract that they signed did it state, “We will be paying you millions of dollars and a long term deal. But at any point you feel like breaking this contract, go ahead and do it for whatever individual desires you may seek.”

Is anyone going to look back at Stephen Jackson, Mark Madsen, Brian Scalabrine, or Dorrell Wright and say that athlete was a champion? Well, they would be correct, they were champions, but it just seems to have lost its pizzazz, doesn’t it?

So just how much was Bill Russell better than Karl Malone? How much better is Brian Scalabrine than Allen Iverson? How much better is Vern Mikkelsen than Shaquille O’Neal? Well, judging from all the bandwagon hoping, past-their-prime, NBA players, judging from all the Tracy McGrady critics, judging from Robert Horry’s renowned and glorified career where he averaged a whopping 7 points per game, they are worlds better. Or, more appropriately, world championships better.

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Kenny didnt just sit on the bench, he was a starting pg for 2 nba championship teams, he wasnt great, but he also didnt do "nothing."

role players till play HUGE roles in championships. Smith hit buzzer beaters throughout his playoff career and even in the finals to win games. Robert Horry hit a ton of shot that his team needed on the Rockets, Lakers, AND Spurs.

And to answer what I think you are asking. Why play if you arnt trying to win? Why compete to lose?

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Well written, and I agree to a point. I agree that it is sometimes ludicrous the demands to be traded to a contender. It irks me too. But I certainly do understand the quest for a ring. I don't think that it's everything, but when talking about being the greatest of the greatest and so on, it matters. Does it make Robert Horry better than Allen Iverson? No. Anyone who compares role players with rings to bonafied superstars without is downright ignorant. But even for role players that ring is still important, because it signifies you are a champion, regardless of capacity. Being a champion is important, it does sometimes, not always, but sometimes, seperates the good from the great.

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Vern wasn't bad :)

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Mikkelsen was one of the players on the Minneappolis Lakers isnt it?

I dont know much about him tough.