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12-04-2008, 07:25 PM
Hoping to get some inside info on how to slow down Kobe Bryant? Maybe you should ask your Xbox.

The Los Angeles Times reports on a new trend sweeping NBA front offices: using EA's NBA Live as a tool for scouting and evaluating talent around the league.

The latest version of EA's basketball simulation, NBA Live 09, includes a feature called "Dynamic DNA." The system updates the game daily with accurate statistical information for every player in the league, including player tendencies, hot streaks and injuries.

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey is one of the converted, claiming the game is particularly helpful in determining the capabilities of unproven -- and undocumented -- rookies.

"For example, you can tell how often, if [Kevin] Love throws an outlet pass, how often his team scores on the possession," he said. "You can tell how often [O.J.] Mayo goes right versus left, how effective the team is with Mayo pulling up and shooting versus when he pulls up and passes instead."

This data has been available before -- Dynamic DNA simply feeds info culled from popular NBA stat-tracking company Synergy Sports Technology -- but never in such an easily digestible way. Morey is quick to point out that getting a feel for how a player interacts with a team is much more useful than just staring at numbers.

"On the game, you can see how adding Artest can change the dynamic of your team. You can program it to run offensive sets with Artest and any combination of your players."

Unfortunately, you can't program it to run Ron Artest's inevitable emotional breakdown in February, but perhaps that feature's on the way. The NBA believes about half of the league's 30 franchises use the game regularly, a number that's sure to rise once word gets out.


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