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12-01-2008, 12:07 AM
Source: DraftExpress.net (http://www.draftexpress.com/article/NBA-Again-Tinkering-With-the-Pre-Draft-Process-3049/)

By now you may have read blurbs in the Sporting News (http://www.sportingnews.com/yourturn/viewtopic.php?t=485085) and Charlotte Observer (http://blogs.charlotte.com/inside_the_nba/2008/11/orlando-pre-dra.html) regarding serious changes that have been made to the format of the NBA pre-draft camp. Numerous members of the basketball community have reached out to us over the past week or so looking for more info and official confirmation about what exact changes are in store, prompting us to hunt out the memo sent out by the NBA league office to all 30 teams, and analyze it below.

The memo reads as follow:





As discussed at the Competition Committee meeting in May, we have decided to modify the format of the Pre-Draft Camp. Teams have expressed dissatisfaction with the caliber of player participating in the five-on-five games at the camp, the absence of players who refused to play in the games (which resulted in them not being available for medical testing), and the period of time available to teams to conduct workouts with draft-eligible players. In addition, the cost of the five-on-five portion of the camp didn’t seem to be justified by its benefits to the teams.

Thus, we have decided to discontinue the pre-draft camp format and establish a Draft Combine, focused on testing and skills workouts instead of games. The 2009 Combine will take place in Chicago from Wednesday, May 27 – Sunday, May 31 and will consist of the following components:

• Medical testing and examinations

• Light skills workouts (e.g., shooting, ball-handling, position specific drills)

• Anthropometric testing (e.g., height, weight, wingspan) and strength and agility testing

• League organized player interviews

The light skills workouts, anthropometric testing, strength and agility testing, and league organized player interviews will occur from May 27-29, with the medical testing and examinations occurring on May 30-31.

Teams will be permitted to attend or conduct workouts of draft-eligible players beginning on April 7, 2009. Teams are prohibited from attending, conducting or even scheduling workouts of “early entry” players until the early entry list is distributed.

For more information Click Here (http://www.draftexpress.com/article/NBA-Again-Tinkering-With-the-Pre-Draft-Process-3049/)

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