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11-30-2008, 10:20 PM
Hey, Brian! Your Cavaliers Questions answered
Got a Cavs question? Send it in. Submit your question to cleveland.com/heybrian, and Plain Dealer Cavaliers beat writer Brian Windhorst will choose several to answer each Sunday here in the sports section. All of Brian's answers are archived online.

Q: Hey, Brian: What are your thoughts on Jalen Rose stating on ESPN that he confirmed with an NBA source that LeBron and Chris Bosh were definitely going to the Knicks together in 2010? It seems that both camps would be hesitant to let any info like this out. - Greg Mussman, Lakewood

A: Hey, Greg: I have no doubt someone told Jalen this and it was indeed probably someone close to LeBron. It would stand to reason that most of LeBron's business associates, many of whom are his friends, would benefit if he ended up in New York. Because they benefit from new business, the Cavs, Nike and the like are old business. However, LeBron himself has made it very clear he has not made up his mind. I absolutely believe him.

Q: Hey, Brian: You said last week the Knicks will eventually trade Eddy Curry. How? He has the worst contract on the team, and some would argue the worst in the league. He's overweight and really has nothing to offer a team. I just don't see why any team would take on his contract. Unless of course Isiah Thomas gets a job with another team. - Tony Sexton, Chandler, Ariz.

A: Hey, Tony: Actually none of that is true. Stephon Marbury has the worst contract on the team, $12 million more this season than Curry. Curry is owed $21 million in the two seasons after this one. He's a quality big man with career averages of 13.5 points and 5.4 rebounds per game. Two seasons ago he averaged 19.5 points. Teams always, always need big men, especially scoring big men. If he proves he's healthy, he will be traded at some point.

Q: Hey, Brian: Would you please explain how an NBA player can be traded, then has the ability to go back to his original team after 30 days? Why would any team make such a trade? I don't understand it. - Jeff Zimlich, Medina

A: Hey, Jeff: It is a loophole that figures to be closed in the next collective bargaining agreement, which isn't until after 2011. This happens in deals that are made for financial purposes. If you are a Cavs fan you may like it better later this season. For example, if Wally Szczerbiak is traded for his expiring contract, there is a chance he could end up returning to the Cavs. Considering how well he is playing, they could benefit.

Q: Hey, Brian: With the Timberwolves being terrible and slowly building for the future via the draft, do you think they would move Mike Miller for Wally Szczerbiak straight up? It would probably save them millions or so while keeping us safe for the 2010 spending spree. - Bret McCallum, Columbus

A: Hey, Bret: One, Wally for Miller straight up doesn't work under the trade rules, but it is close. Second, take a look at Miller's stats compared to Delonte West's. The scoring is about the same and West is shooting better, a better defender, can handle the ball and fits nicely with Mo Williams. At this point, West is performing as well as any shooting guard the Cavs could've hoped for, I don't think they are in the market at the moment.

Q: Hey, Brian: What's wrong with Daniel Gibson? His shooting percentages are way off this season. - Steve Jones, Columbus

A: Hey, Steve: It seems to me Boobie's release is off. Right now you can usually tell as soon as the ball leaves his hands whether it is going in or not. Overall, he's got one of the purest strokes in the NBA and when he is going right his rotation is perfect. It hasn't shown recently but he is one of the hardest workers on the team and is trying to fix it.

Q: Hey, Brian: As a longtime sports watcher, I am annoyed by the relatively recent trend of basketball pundits and fans constantly speculating about players moving from team to team. Don't you think enjoyment of the sport would be enhanced if the NBA employed the kind of free-agency system the NFL uses, that is, one that tends to discourage rumors and wild speculation about player movement? Mike Yanczysin, Painesville

A: Hey, Mike: Fans and, therefore media, love transactions. Fan interest explodes around drafts and trading deadlines. It's one of the reasons why fantasy sports is so popular. It's part of the fabric of modern pro sports.

- Brian

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