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Jack Tucker
11-29-2008, 09:44 PM
The Blazers hit the road for five games beginning in the motor city.
Gametime is 12pm

Since this is our first look at the Pistons this season here is a video review of their team. Which is now minus Chauncey and Antonio and plus AI

Projected starters
Portland Trailblazers
Steve Blake -PG
Brandon Roy-SG
Nic Batum-SF
LaMarcus Aldridge-PF
Greg Oden-Center

Here is a video look at Portlands last game, a home win over the Hornets

Projected starters
Detroit Pistons
Allan Iverson-PG
Richard Hamilton-SG
Tayhaun Prince-SF
Rasheed Wallace-PF
Kwame Brown-Center

Here is a video look at the Pistons recent win over the Bucks

Jack Tucker
11-29-2008, 10:25 PM
11/30 Portland at Detroit, Game Preview

For the first game of another five game road trip the Blazers stop in the Motor City to take on the Pistons and ex-Blazer Mr. CTC himself, Rasheed Wallace.

There is still enough experience and fight in this Pistons team to put a whuppin on any team in this league. The question remains night in and night out which Pistons team will show up. The one that cares or the one that doesnít. That in and of itself often starts with Rasheed. Throw in AI to the mix and Iíd say we have a bit of a mystery on our hands. Neither of these two players are likely to wear a Pistons jersey next year, so they do have some incentive to perform this season that might not otherwise be there. However it didnt keep AI from skipping PRACTICE on turkey day.

Here is look at their current rosterÖ.

Detroit Pistons Roster - 2008-09

Team Roster
6 Alex Acker G 25 6-5 185 Pepperdine $711,517
28 Arron Afflalo SG 23 6-5 215 UCLA $1,015,440
38 Kwame Brown C 26 6-11 270 $4,000,000
12 Will Bynum PG 25 6-0 185 Georgia Tech $711,517
32 Richard Hamilton SG 30 6-7 193 Connecticut $10,812,500
5 Walter Herrmann PF 29 6-9 225 $2,000,000
1 Allen Iverson SG 33 6-0 180 Georgetown $20,840,625
25 Amir Johnson PF 21 6-9 210 $3,666,667
54 Jason Maxiell PF 25 6-7 260 Cincinnati $1,877,572
22 Tayshaun Prince SF 28 6-9 215 Kentucky $9,500,000
42 Walter Sharpe PF 22 6-9 245 UAB $442,114
3 Rodney Stuckey PG 22 6-5 205 Eastern Washington $1,687,320
30 Rasheed Wallace C 34 6-11 230 North Carolina $13,930,000
Coach: Michael Curry
Average Age: 26.3
Average Height: 6-6
Average Weight: 216
courtesy of espnÖ.http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/teams/roster?team=det

The depth this team once had isnít there anymore, and McDyess has yet to make his return from Denver. On paper you wonder if they really have a serious title run left in them.

At the point guard spot there is no doubt AI and his capable backup Rodney Stuckey hold an advantage over the Blazers. AI himself has destroyed many a team in the past. However the defense we played on Chris Paul Friday night at the Rose Garden was pretty impressive. And it might be enough to neutralize these guys.

Richard Hamilton witll keep our all star Brandon Roy busy all night long. He never slows down and with Chauncey gone I kind of see him as the heart of this team. Still, Brandons defense seems to get better every game. And at this position I have to give the edge to the Blazers.

Tayshun Prince holds down the fort for the Pistons at SF. Our SF by committee should have an advantage here. Nic Batum has held his own thus far in the season and I donít look for Prince to overpower anyone offensively. With Outlaw coiming in to spell him and Roy sliding over here for a few minutes I think the Blazers have an advantage at this position.

Donít know which Wallace will show up to play in Mondays game. If it is the one who doesnít give a rip we might be on our way to an upset victory on the road. If its angry Rasheed wanting to teach everyone a lesson LA and Channing Frye are in for trouble and will find themselves sorely overmatched.

Kwame Brown is Kwame Brown. He is another guy who probably wonít be playing in Detroit very long. This might be a chance for Greg Oden to have a nice game. One thing I noticed Friday night was that every time the Blazers ran the pick and roll and Greg rollled to the hoop no one ever passed him the ball. Not once. If they run that and actually pass to him he will score 20 on Kwame and Rasheed and there will be some celebratin going on on the flight to New York.

I see this game and the Boston game as the two real tests on this road trip. Earlier in the year Iíd have said Iíd be pleased if our guys came home from a trip like this 3 and 2.

Despite what I see on paper for this game, Detroit has not only the home court advantage but a huge edge in experience over our young team. It will be a fun game to watch and see if they are able to rise to the challenge. However I am afraid they will fall short. Iím picking Pistons by 9.