View Full Version : Manny Legace Vs. Chris Mason

11-27-2008, 04:38 AM
Is it just me or does it seem that Manny Legace lets a ton of what I would call "soft goals" go by? I think that he is a pretty good goalie, however, it seems like the more routine shots he should stop usually find their way to the back of the next.

The shots I am talking about are ones where a guy is coming down the wing and he has a window to see the action, but a guy fires a little wrister and Manny can't stop it. Does anyone else see what I am seeing?

After Mason's 47 save night, I think that he needs to be played until he has a bad game. Manny didn't look all that good again tonight. The Blues were a little flat as a team but him letting in that third goal pwnd us pretty hard...

I am not hating on Manny by any means, I am just saying that Mason is hot right now and he doesn't seem to let the weak *** goals in like Manny does. Anyone else understand what I am saying?