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Mad Balla 15
11-24-2008, 11:54 PM
Disclaimer: Long post and let me start of by saying that Iíve wanted to make this argument for awhile and thought I would finally do it after reading the Hall of Fame Probability thread.

All-NBA teams are a joke now and have been for awhile. Now Iím sure many of you disagree with my proposition but Iíll tell you why I think this. First of all, while All-NBA teams do consist of most of the top players in the game, there more based upon the players reputation. Secondly, the All-NBA teams are based on the teams success in the season. When you add these two things together it eliminates many good players, even some players whose teams did have decent success and they had great seasons.

In the past decade thereís been many players who have made All-NBA teams/All-NBA defense teams by reputation. So lets start with the All-NBA defensive teams. Since the 1999-2000 season until now (exception: 2004-2005), Kobe Bryant has been on an All-NBA defensive team. Since 2002-2003 he has been on the All-NBA First defensive team. Now Iím not here to argue that Kobe Bryant isnít a good defender, he definitely is but letís be real here. Kobe Bryant wasnít a First Team all-defensive player in either the 2005-2006 season or the 2006-2007 season. He likely couldíve been on the Second team but because of his reputation he was put on the first team. He was deserving last year though to be on the first team, but the two years before that, I donít think he was. The same can be said for Jason Kidd. In 2006-2007 Jason Kidd made the All-NBA Second defensive team, and I watched pretty much all of NJís games that year and I can tell you that he wasnít even likely an above average defender by this time, but once again because of his reputation he made the team.

Now onto the All-NBA teams. A big reason why Iím making this argument is because when people talk about Hall of Fame people bring up oh this person only had this many First team, Second Team, Third team appearances in their career while this person had this many. For example in the Hall of Fame probability thread, Doctor MJ was arguing the difference between Nique and Carter and that Carter has had significantly less All-NBA team appearances. The problem with that, is that All-NBA teams now a days are hard to take seriously because of the bias due to reputation and because of players playing on more successful teams getting more credit.

By the way, just for warning Iím going to be using a player Iím very familiar with (Vince Carter) to make my argument but Iím sure there are many other players out there that have been snubbed.

In the 01-02 season, Steve Nash made the All-NBA 3rd team over Vince Carter in a season where Vince Carter averaged 25/5/4 and Nash averaged 18/8/3. While Vince did get injured at the end of the season, he was a big reason why the Raptors were in the playoffs at the time of his injury, and this was in his prime nonetheless. Now of course the Dallas Mavericks made the playoffs with a better record but shall we really go and compare the teammates that Vince had, compared to Nash that season?

Now keep in mind, this was around the time Vinceís Carters reputation among the media and NBA was tarnishing due to injuries.

Now onto the 04-05 season. Vince averaged a whopping 28/6/5 for New Jersey after getting traded there. To average out his numbers for the year with his Toronto numbers, his stats came to 24/5/4. Not only did he go on a tear for almost 60 games with the Nets but he ended up leading them to the playoffs after they started the season 2-11. It doesnít stop there though, not only did they start the season 2-11 but Richard Jefferson got injured only a few games after Vince arrived. So Vince along with Kidd carried a team of Jason Collins, Nenad Krstic (rookie year), Brian Scalabrine, Rodney Buford, Jabari Smith, Billy Thomas, Jacque Vaughn and a bunch of other scrubs to the playoffs. That same year in 04-05, players like Ray Allen made the All-NBA second team averaging 24/4/4 (similar numbers to Vince) but of course his team had better success but look at the talent differential.

Now the biggest robbery had to come in the 06-07 season. Here you have Carter who averaged 25/6/5 in that season, being one of only THREE players to do that season along side Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Not only did he do that, but he led the Nets along side Kidd once again, to the playoffs (6th seed) WITHOUT Jefferson for half the season and without Krstic for basically the whole season. Now of course Kobe Bryant and LeBron James were 1st and 2nd team All-NBA but Vince wasnít even picked to be on the 3rd team. Not only just Vince, but Kidd also, who averaged 13/9/8 during the season didnít make an All-NBA team either even after they beat the Raptors in the first round as the lower seed team and took the eventual EC champs to 6 games in the 2nd round. And then on the All-NBA teams you have players like Chauncey Billups who averaged 17/7 and made it basically because he plays on a good team.

Then thereís last year, the 07-08 season where McGrady and Ginobili both made the All-NBA Third team over Carter. Believe it or not McGrady fans, but McGrady is actually liked by the media and gets the benefit of the doubt. McGrady played in 66 games and averaged basically the same numbers as Carter Ė 21/6/5 and made the All-NBA third team but of course it was because of team success. But then you think for a second to compare the teams and of course the Rockets have a better roster. But okay, Iíll give that to McGrady. But then you have Manu Ginobili, the international prized possession. The man averages 20/5/5 and gets on the Third team because he has the opportunity to play with Tony Parker and Tim Duncan? Now not to take anything away from Ginobili, it was his best season to date but he gets higher priority over other guys because of the team he plays on?

Basically all Iím saying is that I have a hard time taking All-NBA teams seriously lately because the players are based on 1) Reputation and 2) Their teams success. The players who havenít been able to play on great teams such as Vince Carter in my example have been discriminated against, even while making the playoffs and putting up better numbers than other players. The fact that a player who has career averages of 24/6/4 (whom not many in NBA history contain) has only been on 2 All-NBA teams is proof of this. Now Iím not saying that those that play of good teams shouldnít be rewarded but I think sometimes those players are rewarded too much. I think players who havenít had the opportunity to play on great teams and still have put up great numbers and led teams to decent success should be compensated also.

11-25-2008, 12:01 AM
NBA keeps declining every year as far as interesting goes.

Its just not what it used to be, and I think the whole New York- Lebron thing is to blame for that. Seriosuly, since when do teams discuss free agents 2 years before the fact?

Really annoying, and because of stuff like that, Ive lost interest.

11-25-2008, 12:07 AM
As long the Lakers win I don't care.

11-25-2008, 12:15 AM
As long the Lakers win I don't care.

I had to take my laptop in the bathroom after looking at your sig.:jumpy:

11-25-2008, 12:15 AM
We can now just dismiss this entire thread as a joke.

Well since Vince > Kobe and Harris > Fisher then I say the Nets duo.

Lakers just have a much better frontcourt than us.