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11-20-2008, 10:15 PM
New Orleans has homecourt advantange

New Orleans Hornets Lineup:

C-Tyson Chandler/Steven Hunter/Robert Swift
PF-Amare Stoudemire/Glen Davis/Hilton Armstrong
SF-Trevor Ariza/Ryan Bowen/Corey Maggette
SG-Corey Maggette/Bonzi Wells/Ryan Bowen
PG-Chris Paul/Taurean Green/Trevor Ariza

Phoenix Suns Lineup:

PG: Steve Nash l Chris Duhon l Jarrett Jack
SG: Rip Hamilton l Jerry Stackhouse l Damien Wilkins
SF: Hedo Turkoglu l Grant Hill l J.J. Reddick
PF: David West l Tim Thomas l Channing Frye
C: Shaq l Robin Lopez

New Orleans Hornets Writeup:

C-Tyson Chandler vs. Shaquille O'Neal: Shaq's bigger, stronger, and more offensively talented. Chandler is longer, quicker, more athletic, and has far more stamina. Neither of guys are bigger factors in this series. They will both play their roles to their abilities.
Edge: Even

PF-Amare Stoudemire vs. David West: Well where do I start with West? He's not quick, he's undersized, and like most other players in the NBA his athleticism can't touch Amare's. Stoudemire will get his easily in this series. West will too, but whose season averages and potential big games would you prefer?
Edge: Hornets

SF-Trevor Ariza vs. Hedo Turkoglu: No denying they have an advantage here. But Ariza is long, quick, and athletic so down the stretch, Hedo will have a much tougher time than usual pouring in all those 4th quarter points he's known for. Their bench gets the edge here.
Edge: Suns

SG-Corey Maggette vs. Rip Hamilton: A very good matchup. Hamilton's quick and hard to defend, but Maggette could defend him far better than vise versa. Maggette's bigger and stronger than any wing player Phoenix has. Neither should explode at any time in the series, but if either is more likely, it's Maggette. Bench here is pretty close.
Edge: Even

PG-Chris Paul vs. Steve Nash: Another very good matchup. Nash is a legend at the point, but let's face it. He's in a long series with the best in the game at his position and against a guy whose got him beat by 10+ years, quickness, athleticism, etc. Paul picked apart Jason Kidd in the 2008 playoffs and I don't expect this to be any different. Their bench is far better here, but the only player who has ever defended CP3 well was knocked out of the playoffs last round. Paul will outperform Nash pretty easily.
Edge: Hornets

This is a very good, very balanced team. But in an offense headlined by Amare Stoudemire and Chris Paul, there's not many defenses that can win against this team. Hornets in a hardfought 6.

Phoenix Suns Lineup:

First off, I want to say wow! This is a heck of a series and would probably go 7 games in real life. Either team could win. And who ever advances on past this round has a tough task...either Lebron and KG or a combo of Dirk, Redd, Mo Williams, Tmac and Yao. I want to wish all the remaining teams good luck though, it was a great mock.

Nash vs. Paul
This is one of the three very good matchups this series. This is very close, and even though many people consider Paul the top PG in the game, Nash is right there with him. Paul may be quick and can score, but with Nash dishing out assists and also being able to score, its a lot closer then what it appears. These are the top 2 PG's in the game and there really isnt much to say. They each have their own skills and personalities but its too close to call. Great matchup

Hamilton vs. Maggette
This one i would give the slight edge to us. They are both good scorers but Maggette is more of a SF. Rip as the 3rd or 4th option is pretty scary. Maggette can't seem to stay healthy lately and that could cause some problems since Bonzi Wells, who isnt even signed in real life, is his backup.

Turkoglu vs. Ariza
Hedo had a breakout year last year and we fully expect him to be the same or better player on this team. He can shoot the ball like crazy and can turn a game around in an instand. Ariza is a good player, but this is the only downfall of this team. You have a bunch of really good player, and then Ariza. He is a nice young player but he is really ready to start? Hedo is a very nice veteran and we feel we win this matchup. This one could be huge in this series.

West vs. Stoudemire
Ironic how these guys were traded for each other, and now here they are in the WCF. Amare is the better player, and he can score and dominate at any time. But West had a breakout year and even though he doesnt have Paul, he has Nash. Nash is only going to help him get better, as will Shaq teaching him. The Hornets win this one, but this is one to keep an eye on. If we have to double team Amare we wont hesitate. I would rather leave Ariza open then have Amare dominate. But that will depend on how West performs against him.

Shaq vs. Chandler
This series is the final really good one. Chandler is a young center who is finally reaching his potential that the Bulls thought he had when they drafted him. He had a really nice year last year, but Shaq can still play too. He may be getting older and slower, but he still strikes fear into the eyes of the opponent and has the ability to turn a game around. So even though Tyson is younger, Shaq can still ball and this should be a good series with two centers who can dominate at times.

Bench vs. Bench
I clearly win this. I was voted the best bench by the other GMs for this mock, but I dont think I have to even bring that up. This is one huge downfall of an otherwise very good Hornets team. The bench is, well, terrible to say the least. Steven Hunter, Bonzi Wells, Taureen Green, Glen Davis and Ryan Bowen isnt going to cut it on a championship team. My bench of Jarrett Jack and Chris Duhon, both of who could be starters, Jerry Stackhouse,Grant Hill and JJ Reddick at SG/SF and Tim Thomas, Channing Frye and Robin Lopez at PF/C is very good. The bench could be a deciding factor in this series.

Overall, I think I win this in 6 or 7. The starters are very close, but their bench just ruins the team. The starter can't play the whole game, and that bench is going to help them very much.

11-21-2008, 12:02 AM
Great team, Bubba. Good luck. :)

Didn't think when we made that trade, we'd be the ones in the CF.

11-21-2008, 09:27 AM
Haha yeah, you put an awesome team together too. GL

11-21-2008, 05:24 PM
I thought this would be closer :(

11-21-2008, 06:03 PM
i would have to go with the hornets for this one in seven games though