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11-16-2008, 01:27 AM
Boston has Homecourt Advantage

Boston Celtics Lineup:

PG: Stephon Marbury | Steve Blake | Sam Cassell
SG: Ray Allen | Eddie House | Steve Francis
SF: Lebron James | Bobby Simmons | Awvee Storey
PF: Kevin Garnett | Alexander Johnson | Marcin Gortat
C: Erick Dampier | Alonzo Mourning | Pavel Podkolzin

Milwaukee Bucks Lineup:

PG - Baron Davis/Chucky Atkins/Royal Ivey
SG - Stephen Jackson/Royal Ivey/Daequan Cook
SF - Gerald Wallace/Mickael Gelabale/Anthony Randolph
PF - Jermaine O'neal/Donyell Marshall/Anthony Randolph
C - Brendan Haywood/Dikembe Mutumbo/DeAndre Jordan

Boston Celtics Writeup:

We're now in round 2 of the playoffs in our long expected journey to the ECF to face the Heat. Right now, we have these Bucks in the way though so we have to beat them to get onto the ECF as we're expected to at least make.

We feel that my Celtics are much better than the Bucks. We have much more offense, much more productful players, while the Bucks have only 1 true star, Baron Davis. I have to admit that the Bucks have great defense but we also have solid defense. We also our offense is much more superior against their defense. We also have home court advantage with is vital at this rate in the playoffs.

Baron Davis vs Stephon Marbury
Stephon Marbury is not trash. Stephon Marbury is a really talented player, he's just a headcase. How can he be a headcase with a team loaded with stars though? Marbury had his best days with KG, and now they're together again. You can't afford to double team someone else and leave Marbury open, because there's no doubt he can score easily. Davis is a really good player and takes this matchup, but it's not that far off to be serious, both players can be stars. Marbury went 16 and 5 in his last true season. I always see people say Marbury sucks. Why do people say that? He doesn't suck, he's just a headcase, but he won't be in this situation, he's on a winning team. There are many stars that are headcases, just because Marbury didn't get along with the Knicks' coach doesn't mean he sucks, on contrary, Thomas did suck horribly.

Stephen Jackson vs Ray Allen
Decent player vs star here, the star clearly being Allen. Jackson is a solid scorer at best, he's not much of a threat in this matchup. Allen is a star scorer and can shoot the ball anytime and make it. Allen has been in the finals and has been huge there, and he's won. Ray Allen is not a guy you can leave open because he can flat out shoot. Okay, so Jackson plays good defense but it really doesn't help him since Allen is a shooter and not an isolator.

Gerald Wallace vs Lebron James
Lebron is arguably the best player in the NBA. 30-8-8 is absolutely crazy. Lebron has gotten to the finals with a trashy team, can you imagine playing with Marbury, Allen, AND KG? It's a dream come true. Anyways, Lebron James will take this matchup. Nobody can lock down Lebron. Lebron may have off scoring nights like very player in the NBA but no one, I mean, NO ONE can lock him down, and Wallace is included. Lebron will have to be double teamed as usually leaving one of my big 3 open (yes I consider Marbury a "biggy").

Jermaine O'Neal vs Kevin Garnett
Garnett will send Jermaine back to the disabled list. KG is a superstar, JO was a star and now isn't very special, just a post scorer. KG is a lockdown defender though, how can JO score? Kevin Garnett can score on any PF as well, JO is included. KG is a top 3 PF and JO, top 15?

Brendan Haywood vs Erick Dampier
So Haywood had a nice year last year, so what? He's not going to be anything special since their "Gilbert" (Baron Davis) isn't out. Haywood will just get rebounds as usual, and Dampier as well, along with decent defense. You can say Haywood>Dampier all you want, this position will not be a factor in this series. In fact, Dampier will be getting lots of open shots because all the attention will be on KG and others getting double-teamed. We saw it with Perkins last year.

In addition: We have a 7'5'' player on our bench, Pavel Podkolzin. He'll be here just incase if there's an emergency and he'll help us with his huge body lol.

Overall: For those of you who like to use >, <, =, we beat them in 3 positions, so have fun clicking on the Celtics for the win when you guys vote. Peace.

Milwaukee Bucks Writeup:

Voters will obviously think the Celtics are more talented, but I would like you guys read the write-ups because the Bucks are definitely capable of beating the Cís in a 7-game series.
From position 1-5, the Bucks have a bunch of athletic, defensive studs. But, we also have guys that can score at will. The Cís defense is not as strong as ours, despite have KG, and we should be able to score at a high rate

Defense Ė Stephen on Lebron, Baron on Allen, Gerald on Marbury, JO on Dampier, Brendan on KG.

Gameplan for Lebron: Instead of Gerald guarding him Lebron, we will place Stephen on him.
Stephen is a good defender who knows how to crowd the offensive playerís space. Despite that, he will be playing off of Lebron forcing him to take jumpshots. Gerald will often be sliding over to double team Lebron, forcing him to pass to Marbury, who will have to make his threes. Or, because we have such an athletic group, it is possible that we send Baron over to cover Marbury, while Stephen can hustle all the way over to Ray Allen and cover up for Baron. I would also like to say if Lebron pass our perimeter defense, he will have to go up against Brendan and Jermaine in the paint. Brendan is a very capable shot blocker, with a big body, and he has very long arms. Brendan will make every shot contested in paint. As well as JO, who we all know is a very good shot blocker. And yes, he still has it. Look at his defense in Toronto right now. Not to mention, he knows how to take charges. And this help defense will not give away any open looks inside, because once Lebron drives to the hoop, he is not giving it up. So all the Bucks have to worry about is contesting Lebron shot.

Gameplan for KG: Here we will put Brendan on KG.
Reason we put Brendan on KG is because like I said, Brendan has a big strong body, and has very long arms. KG will have a tough time getting into the paint like he used to, because Brendan causes so much problems. Gerald, since he is guarding Marbury, will be given the chance to slide down and double team KG a lot and we will force Marbury to make shots. Gerald is also a very good help defender, and knows how to block shots. This is something that KG should be aware of, and he should know how to react to it. Not to mention, if he gets in the paint, JO will be there block and alter his shots. And if you think KGís little antics will get into Brendan and JOís head, I donít think so. These are two of the toughest guys in the NBA, and if they ever got into a fight, obviously KG would get his *** kicked. So KG cannot do what he usually does.

Gameplan for Ray: Baron will be guarding Ray.
Baron is a very good athlete and is in great shape. He will not suffer much from chasing Ray around the court. In 1-on-1 situations, Ray will have a tough time getting to the hoops. That is because Baron has good feet to stay in front of him. Not to mention, he has a very strong body which can make it hard for Ray to get through. On top of that, Baron has very good hands and Rayís handle isnít the greatest. In times of double teams, we will send Baron over to the open man, leaving Ray open. But, because our defense is so athletically gifted, Gerald or Stephen should be able cover up for Baron and get to Ray before he can put up an open shot.

The Bucks arenít too worried about Marbury and Dampier. Marbury will have a tough time guarding someone like Baron, and he will be forced to make shots, while Dampier is pretty much useless. Donít get caught up in the Brendan vs Dampier matchup. Brendan is very important to our defense and rebounding. He will be guarding KG. Dampier will also get into a lot of foul trouble, with all of the slashing, cutting, driving, and post plays that we run. The Bucks also play a fast-paced offense, and Dampier will get tired in the first minute of the game.

On offense, the Bucks will get the points they want. We play a high-tempo game and we have capable shooters, and capable finishers at the hoop. In the paint, please donít think of it like this, KG > JO. Sure KG is better, but JO wonít be guarding him. And on offense, JO will be backing down KG and making his job tougher. And donít think KG will intimidate JO or get into head. JO is not that kind of player. He has a tough mentality and will not get broken down. JO will MESS up KG if he tries that stupid ****. No but really, JO should be able to get his 20/10 despite KGís defense.
Everyone just read the write-up before voting! Thank you

11-16-2008, 01:50 AM
Celtics EASY imo... the Bucks just have no answer for LBJ and KG

11-16-2008, 02:05 AM
Lebron AND KG...that is one incredible duo..well done gettin those 2

11-16-2008, 02:32 AM
saaaaaaaaall good
i hoped people read the write-ups cuz I might get some votes with it lol,
but dynasty, good luck rest of the way

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11-16-2008, 11:08 AM
Bucks devised some interesting game plans, but the Celtics are way too good. They've got defense, star power, rebounding, experience, shooting, and playmakers. Depth is iffy but that's not going to hurt them in this series.

Boston in 5.

11-16-2008, 11:31 AM
Bucks devised some interesting game plans, but the Celtics are way too good. They've got defense, star power, rebounding, experience, shooting, and playmakers. Depth is iffy but that's not going to hurt them in this series.

Boston in 5.

11-16-2008, 12:27 PM
I gave the bucks my vote, it was a sacraficial vote, however I still give it to them because Marv put a ton of thought into his write up and it was one of the better done write ups i've seen and it convinced me its possible for the bucks to win this series.

I mean its always possible, 99 out of a hundred times the Celtics win this series, but I like the Bucks this one time. Don't get mad at me dynsaty its just a vote for the write up, good luck the rest of the way.

Dynasty why did you even do a write up, all you had to do was pick a huge font and write LBJ AND KG. you know how ppl on psd are thats all it would of took man!

11-16-2008, 12:47 PM
haha thanks doc, glad you read the write-up :)

those were the kind of votes i was hoping to get, i knew boston was gonna win, but damn, 18-2 ? lol

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11-16-2008, 09:49 PM
got to go with the celtics lebron and kg holy **** :p