View Full Version : GS/NY/Charlotte/Phoenix Trade Idea

11-13-2008, 02:09 PM
A very simple 4 team trade with 4 players involved, but I think every team gets exactly what they want. All their salaries are nearly identical so there aren't any needs for fillers.

Golden State gets Boris Diaw from Phoenix.

Diaw's best years were early when the Suns were a running team. Now that it has slowed down, he's been slowly phased out. Nellie loves to run and needs a versatile player like Diaw who can rebound, block shots, defend, handle and pass the ball. They lose Harrington who isn't producing much anyways.

New York gets Al Harrington from Golden State

D'Antoni convets Harrington and with their lack of depth at the SF position, AH can come in and give them a solid shooter. Ed Curry is in D'Antoni's doghouse so getting rid of him to get a player that can help this team now is key.

Charlotte gets Ed Curry from New York

The Bobcats are really interested in Curry, but his recent injury has set their pursuit back a tad. The Cats are looking for a center so that Okafor can move to his more natural power forward position.

Phoenix gets Gerald Wallace from Charlotte

Wallace is the kind of player that Porter needs. Stoudemire, for being such a beat, averages 8 boards a game and is a career 6 rebounds a game kind of guy. Shaq is getting older and his rebounding numbers will decline as he's at 8.5 rpg now. Wallace, from the SF position, gets 8.5 boards a game and gives the Suns an excellent defender. Think a younger Shawn Marion.

11-13-2008, 03:57 PM
not even at all..