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11-08-2008, 01:27 PM
Week 2 Rankings (updated 11/8)
1. LA Lakers
Record: 4-0
Previous Ranking: 2
Analysis: This team started the year with godly performances against the Blazers and Clippers. They have cooled off a bit since...but there's no argument... the Lakers deserve the #1 spot in the rankings.

2. Boston Celtics
Record: 5-1
Previous Ranking: 2
Analysis: Tough loss to Indiana, but they rectified that with wins against Cleveland and Houston. We could be headed for another Lakers-Celtics clash in the finals.

3. Utah Jazz
Record: 5-0
Previous Ranking: 5
Analysis: Are you kidding me? 5-0 without Deron Williams. This team has really taken the next step. When Williams gets back it could be a three man race for the west with LA and NO when its all said and done.

4. Atlanta Hawks
Record: 4-0
Previous Ranking: 20
Analysis: Who saw this coming? Impressive wins against Orlando, Toronto, New Orleans, and Philadelphia. The hawks have played 4 playoff teams this year and handled each of them. Joe Johnson has put his name in the early season race for MVP.

5. Houston Rockets
Record: 4-2
Previous Ranking: 8
Analysis: They have beaten the Thunder and Clippers and lost to the Celtics and Blazers recently. They better figure out how to beat some good teams fast or they are in for a rough week against LA, NO, and Phoenix.

6. Detroit Pistons
Record: 4-1
Previous Ranking: 4
Analysis: Detroit was off to a nice start. Then they did the unthinkable. They traded for Allen Iverson. WHY? Chauncey set the tone for Detroit basketball the past 5 years on both end of the court. Iverson's first game as a Piston summed up his career, Iverson scores 24 in a loss b/c his man goes off for 38. Not a good move for the Pistons.

7. Phoenix Suns
Record: 4-2
Previous Ranking: 11
Analysis: I don't like what I am seeing here. Porter has decided to give Shaq nights off this year. Really!?!? Its that kind of strategy that gets you beat by an inferior Chicago team. Unless Amare can put up 50 every night this team may be in trouble.

8. NO Hornets
Record: 3-2
Previous Ranking: 3
Analysis: Bad loss to Charlotte recently. New Orleans needs to figure it out soon. They have a red hot Miami team coming to town for a Saturday night showdown.

9. Cleveland Cavaliers
Record: 4-2
Previous Ranking: 7
Analysis: This team has remained the Cleveland Lebrons even with the addition of Mo Williams. They would be 3-3 without a godly performance in the second half against a not so talented Indiana team Friday night.

10. Orlando Magic
Record: 3-2
Previous Ranking: 13
Analysis: They have come on lately, winning 3 in a row, after a poor first two games. If the three point shooting is on, this team is dangerous.

11. Miami HEAT
Record: 3-2
Previous Ranking: 15
Analysis: Great start for the Heat. They have a couple ugly losses to NY and Charlotte, but when they have played as a team on both ends of the court they have blown out Sacramento, Philadelphia, and San Antonio. It all starts on the defensive end for the Heat where they lead the league in steals and forced TO's (lead by Wade, Marion, and Chalmers) but when they get to other end this team is special. Wade and Beasley will be putting up a combined 50 or so for a long time. Future is bright. They have a good test Saturday night in NO.

12. Toronto Raptors
Record: 3-2
Previous Ranking: 12
Analysis: Started nice but have come back a little since then. They failed tests against Detroit and Atlanta so maybe they aren't an elite eastern conference team. But they should find themselves firmly in the playoffs.

13. Chicago Bulls
Record: 3-3
Previous Ranking: 23
Analysis: Rose has proven my early season predictions about him wrong so far and the Bulls have played solid .500 basketball. If they keep this up, and keep surprising teams like Phoenix, they could end up in the playoffs when it's all said and done.

14. Portland Trailblazers
Record: 2-3
Previous Ranking: 10
Analysis: Will Greg Oden ever be healthy. With Oden not on the floor this team is average at best to be honest. With Oden they could be a playoff team this year if they get it together. Rudy Fernandez is the real deal!

15. NY Knicks
Record: 3-2
Previous Ranking: 25
Analysis: Dantoni has really turned the culture around in NY. I like that he stood up and decided to bench Steph and Curry. This team is the better for it. These Knicks, like the Suns of past, aren't going to beat you with lock down defense and that mentality doesn't work in the playoffs. I expect the Knicks will miss the playoffs this year but they will definitely make teams nervous going into the Garden once again.

16. Memphis Grizzlies
Record: 3-3
Previous Ranking: 28
Surprise, surprise! Mayo, Gay, Gasol have been very nice this year and Memphis is at .500 (don't expect that to last too long...but who knows)

17. Philadelphia 76ers
Record: 2-4
Previous Ranking: 6
Analysis: Its been ugly. Thaddeus Young has been excellent...everyone else has sucked big ones. Brand doesn't know what to do when he gets double teamed, Dalembert and Miller don't even have to be covered, and Iggy looks more like the 1 dollar man then the 12 million dollar man. Whats worse is I don't see how they can hope to fix the problem. Without outside shooting teams are going to continue to send the double teams without any worries.

18. Denver Nuggets
Record: 2-3
Previous Ranking: 17
Analysis: Great trade for them. They picked up a great leader on both ends that might be able to get them in the playoffs this year.

19. Dallas Mavericks
Record: 2-3
Previous Ranking: 14
Analysis: This team is on the downswing. When you have half of the salary cap tied up in Erica Dampier and old man Kidd your team is in BIG TROUBLE.

20. Milwaukee Bucks
Record: 3-3
Previous Ranking: 18
Analysis: Sometimes they look solid...sometimes they look like a team from the YMCA. One thing is for sure... this team is not good without Redd...and probably isn't a playoff team even with him.

21. NJ Nets
Record: 2-2
Previous Ranking: 27
Analysis: Nice start for the Nets. Most people will agree that this isn't a team built to win now, but they have a couple nice wins and are sitting at .500 with two of their next three games against Indiana.

22. Indiana Pacers
Record: 1-3
Analysis: Granger is amazing. Everyone else is spare parts. This team isn't going anywhere fast

23. SA Spurs
Record: 1-4
Previous Ranking: 9
Analysis: With Tony Parker this team is 1-4. Without him they will be even worse. The Spurs have the look of the Heat from a year ago. High expectations derailed by injuries leading to disaster.

24. Charlotte Bobcats
Record: 2-3
Previous Ranking: 19
Analysis: They have an outside shot at the playoffs. The talent is there. But the question remains whether they trade Felton and Wallace and build for the long term or just do what they can this year. One thing is for sure..if they ever try to start Adam Morrison I will have to pick them to lose EVERY game.

25. GS Warriors
Record: 2-4
Previous Ranking: 22
Analysis: Not good.

26. Sacramento Kings
Record: 2-4
Previous Ranking: 24
Analysis: Not good.

27. Minnesota Timberwolves
Record: 1-4
Previous Ranking: 26
Analysis: Really bad.

28. Washington Wizards
Record: 0-4
Previous Ranking: 16
Analysis: Even Worse.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder
Record: 1-4
Previous Ranking: 30
Analysis: Worse still.

30. LA Clippers
Record: 0-6
Previous Ranking: 21
Analysis: WORST

11-09-2008, 07:09 PM
Still not coming on with the Pacers huh, the team has been very impressive in their losses. The fact that they were 1-3 is because of the teams they were playing, the opposition has been top notch and they are without their 2nd best player.

Theyve definitely played better than the Nets, Bucks.

Thats the only thing I looked at from your power rankings with the season being so young.

11-09-2008, 11:00 PM
Still not coming on with the Pacers huh, the team has been very impressive in their losses. The fact that they were 1-3 is because of the teams they were playing, the opposition has been top notch and they are without their 2nd best player.

Theyve definitely played better than the Nets, Bucks.

Thats the only thing I looked at from your power rankings with the season being so young.

To be completely honest I don't see much talent outside of Granger is all... In hindsight (seeing as the destroyed the Nets Saturday night) I probably could have moved them up to 20th...but they still don't look like a playoff team to me.

I'll get a good look at them 2 weeks from now when they play the heat...