View Full Version : the kevin seitzer effect

11-08-2008, 12:40 PM
as you know, we have hired a new hitting instructor, kevin seitzer. a former royal, kevin has a career batting average around the .300 mark. he worked in the brewer organization as well as the colorado rockies and arizona diamondbacks. question is...how will his instruction effect the team b.a. for the royals? certainly we have a few players like dejesus, guillen, and aviles doing well with the bat currently. we do have a few players like german, buck, teahen, and callaspo who could benefit greatly by his expertise.

so, what do you think? 15 points? 25 points? more than that? i think the overall effect will be around 20-22 points the first season, with a few players showing a large improvement! ;)

11-28-2008, 02:56 PM
if kevin can put on about 15-20 points on coco crisp's batting average and ,more importantly, about 25-50 points on his on-base pct...oh my! the 08 season showed us that we win more often when we get an early jump in games. the pitching is more effective and we are more confident defensively playing with a lead than we are coming from behind.

if crisp gets on early, and we get some other bats going early...that could mean big things for us in 09!