View Full Version : Thoughts on first 3 games?

11-02-2008, 06:10 PM
Well i've gotta say, these first three games have me very excited as a fan.
Heres some of my thoughts on what i've noticed on the team:

-Defense in the first three games has been 10 times better than any single game we played last season, our intensity is awesome,everyone is taking accountability on there man, they are talking to each other and defending the pick and roll better.

-Ball movement has been again 10 times better than last season, the players are trusting each other and passing has become contagious.

-Nene has been amazing, a true low post scoring threat on any play. His defense has been incredible also the pick and rolls they have been running with him are unstoppable(JR AI MELO). His intensity has been through the roof.

-JR has looked like a much smarter player ( minus a few shots last night against lakers). He has looked great on D, he's taking the ball to the hole and finishing on anyone, and he's working hard for rebounds.( 10 Boards against the clips)
i think JR and Dahntay might be my favorite duo on the court, both super athletic and hustling like crazy and taking it to the rim.

- AC minus a few bone headed moves against the clips has played great. He is hustling like crazy, getting blocks, frustrating the offense, going to the hole like crazy , and hitting the few threes he's attempted( 4th highest FG% in NBA for first 3 games, 18-26 .692 FG% and 3-4 .750 3%)

-Kmart has been an animal, dunking like crazy, locking down on defense against people much taller than him.

- Birdman has looked great for his reserve minutes, he's replaced our blocks from Camby, and isn't afraid to take contact and alter shots. Although i think he should work on sending some of those blocks towards teammates instead of trying to hit them into the stands.

- Balkman- Lets hope he gets more minutes, he is exciting when hes on the floor and very disruptive to opposing offense.

We obviously need to improve our offensive rebounds, we were clearly undersized against the clips and lakers so i look for us to improve on that as we move on. It would be nice to see Hunter get healthy for a few min off the bench.

Overall this seems like a new team to me from last year, let's hope they see the strides they've made as playing team Ball and preaching Defense and continue there ways. We might just suprise alot of critics this season.

11-02-2008, 06:22 PM
shouldve beaten the lakers they should have never gotten the lead back...first game from what i heard we got screwed i wouldnt know i missed the game...and second game against the clips i saw it once on fsw and again on altitude and we shouldve won in regulation but a win is a win